Gabrielle Branon — Killed her own Son. Now is trying to profit off of it.

Gabrielle Branon — Killed her own Son. Now is trying to profit off of it.

THE DIRTY ARMY:Gabrielle Branon of Las Vegas is a disusing drug addict loser. Crystal meth is her drug of choice. Had a baby with a guy in despite a temp to try and trap him. She is mentally ill and on anti-psychoyics. But thats no excuse for her simply not careing enough about her son to be on drugs around him. which in result got him taken and put in foster care. Her son was murdered in foster care and foster parent is in jail. Even though she didnt psychically do it herself. She is just as responsible. If you loved him and cared about his well being, she never would of allowed anyone to consider having him taken. Clearly she was an unfit mother. And even after the passing of her son STILL continues to do drugs. Now the completely disgusting person she is, ( can we even consider her a human being?) Is now trying to profit off her sons death with an lawsuit against the state. Hoping to gain millions off her dead son. I just thought everyone should know to stay far away from this piece of heartless trash. Grabrielle you are ugly inside and out!!! Ugly Face with no soul!!! You have not yet even begun to get your karma for this!!! You sever every ounce of pain and suffering in your life! You are the definition of a bad person! {redacted}.

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  1. BurntBytchRadioApril 23, 2019 at 9:01 AM

    Ok wow, I just heard about this site on the radio this morning and checked it out. Upon scrolling through the “dirt” posted I’ve come across this one about Gabriel and let me tell you this whoever posted this nonsense accusing her of being a heartless b1tch deserving of whatever karma as you call it that she is experiencing, you sir are a d1ck! I think anyone who could have words like the ones used in this post to a mother who has lost her child is the true heartless a55hole. The woman lost her baby for godsake TO MURDER in foster care whether or not she was on drugs does not justify what has happened to her son not to her. She has every right to stand up for her son and sue the states child protective services duh u ever consider perhaps she is doing it to prevent anything as such from happening to any future children in the care of child protective services. And I happen to know this woman its been years since I’ve seen her or talked to her and reading his my heart breaks for u gabby I’m so sorry to hear about your loss hit me marissa (Chicago from bobs house) {redacted}

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