How Low can she go? Not as low as Alyssa Spradling

How Low can she go? Not as low as Alyssa Spradling

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alyssa Spradling is the type of woman you’d throw out of a moving vehicle on a freeway. After a two year relationship with Alyssa, I felt like it was time to get serious and asked her to marry me. I had been working hard to make our life comfortable in a 5 bedroom house in the suburbs of Las Vegas, kept all of our bills paid, and easily afforded most luxuries. I had been head over heels in love and faithful to this con artist who all along was having multiple affairs with several men, some of whom she had even moved into my home and was giving my money away to since she had secretly become addicted to heroin.

When I finally discovered she was actually sleeping with a man she had convinced me to support by telling me that he was brother, the two of them began robbing and vandalizing my home to support their drug habit. Slowly, I watched everything I had worked for disappear and all of the bills fall behind after the checks to cover them bounced because Alyssa had wiped out all my accounts and savings. And finally when there was nothing left for them to steal, they stole the appliances and my identity destroying my credit to support her homeless heroin addict make believe brother/lover.

The stress began to interfere with my ability to perform safely at work, which led to me losing my employment to top it off. I was officially homeless and went from summerlin to the tunnels almost overnight. The last few possessions I had, I gradually sold to survive. It may take years to get my life back together after trusting such a worthless individual and even now, after having recently sold her own child on craigslist (of which she has no idea who the father was), still insists on reaching out to me for whatever sympathy or support she can solicit on behalf of her homeless drug ridden life style and actually thinks that she is entitled to my pity. THE END

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  1. BlueJuly 7, 2018 at 7:27 PM

    Drugs kill

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