Joel Jeffs – They were right when they told you that!

Joel Jeffs – They were right when they told you that!

THE DIRTY ARMY:  He’s made his big debut into several elitist crowds and everyone seems to say the same thing about this confidence trick! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a.. nope, it’s just Joel Jeffs, or should we call him alfalfa with that hair! Looks like he’s completely out of shape these days, and no one seems to know the truth, because his lies are as fat as himself! I could list several or more companies he’s been involved with including a luxury club of some sorts, which we could say was a huge multi-million dollar SCAM where his clients paid big membership fees and got access to some jets, exotic cars, mansions, and yachts, which may I say ended up being all rented and leased as a smoke and mirrors effect. His real estate development companies which have all gone defunct, raking in investors which have yet to see their money. Too many more to list, but it looks as though he is getting his karma, since he’s broke and probably homeless. I think next he should be working as a male p4p, oh wait, no one would ever give his ugly ass another dollar!

— Anyone can lean against a plane and take a pic.  What gives Jeff? More intel needed.

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  1. Never never landMay 17, 2018 at 8:28 PM

    I see he is in the Toronto dirty and the vegas dirty sporting the same plane picture. Come on tattoo give it up fantasy joelland with the cars and women are done. You have gotten all your grandmas money and other relatives so give it up and do us all a favour.