King Scumbag Adam Dietz and Co. Floozy Gabriela Barajas

King Scumbag Adam Dietz and Co. Floozy Gabriela Barajas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we have Adam Dietz a.k.a. ‘Tatillac’. Where to even start with this guy? The list of things that make him a horrible POS is very long and very extensive. He did horrible things to multiple women. One being a good friend of mine named Angela which is why I’m outing him for the scumbag he is. He’s an avid liar, cheater, woman abuser, drug addict, and drug seller. He’s a nearly 40 year old (even though he says he’s only 32) who lives at home with his mom. He leeches off of the women he gets into relationships with because he can’t be financially responsible because of his pill addiction. Even making his then wife Angela pay him rent and cover other bills for him, too.

He is always snorting oxy, Vicodin. and methadone or whatever else he can get his hands on. He gets prescriptions monthly and goes through them in less than a week. He’ll sell some of them and when he goes through what he has, will spend hundreds of dollars buying more to feed his habit. He even tried to pressure Angela into trying to get painkillers from her doctor for him to sell to cover the costs of her part of the health insurance when they were married.

A good weekend read — hit continue.- nik

All you have to do is look at any of his photos to tell how high he is all the time. His ex-wife used to try to cover it up by telling people he was just tired or sleeping (which he does constantly). She tried without success to get him to kick his habit for his family, including his two kids. Every time I went over to Angela’s house when she was with him or snap chatted or texted her. he was always ‘asleep’ (passed out from being so pilled out). Anytime she didn’t give him money for his bills or gas and chew, he’d throw a tantrum like a child and verbally abuse her. He doesn’t stop at just cereal abuse either.

One night she called me in hysterics because she had tried to confront him about his horrible drug addiction and crazy irresponsible spending habits. She was extremely upset and terrified because he became forceful and threw her on their bed and choked her out so badly she had marks on her neck. I made her take pictures and had her send them to me. She was worried about keeping the photos on her phone because he was always constantly going through it. After it happened I remember he blamed her and acted as though she was in the wrong. Wouldn’t talk to her for days and even posted on FB stating “once you cross a line do you find it easier to cross again” referring to him abusing and choking her. He was so casual about it in the comments. It was disgusting.

If the addiction problem and abuse weren’t bad enough he’s also a horrible liar and cheater. He cheated on his first wife of ten years, who is also the mother of his two kids. After that he cheated on his serious girlfriend with Angela. Even making her believe that they weren’t together anymore. He played both of them for months. While he was married to Angela, he had multiple dating website profiles up and hid a Snapchat from her as well in order to talk to/cheat with other women. After they divorced he told her was going to try to work on his issues and convinced her that they shouldn’t talk to other people in hopes of trying to fix things/give it another shot. That didn’t last long because not even two weeks after that, he was seen/caught leaving a retaurant with another woman while at the same time hitting up/messaging (unknowingly) one of Angela’s friends asking her if she wanted to go out to dinner with him. All the while telling Angela that his phone was dead or that he was busy working.

When all of this came to light and he was confronted, instead of owning up to the cheating and lies he instead freaked out on Angela and blamed her/tried to twist it around like she did something wrong. Their entire relationship he never owned up to anything he did and refused to see the harm in his actions. What makes it even worse is one of the women he cheated on her with was a floozy named Gabriela Barajas. A 25 year old with two kids, oldest kid being 11. She is known for sucking off/sleeping with dudes for tattoos and piercings and even knew Angela and knew he was married. Still didn’t care and screwed him anyways. What’s sad is she’s short and chunky and not cute, and Angela is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

Both Adam and Gabriela deserve to be outted for the horrible human beings they are. If you know them or see either one steer clear! Disgusting scumbags with absolutely no morals or respect for anyone but themselves.

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  1. AnonymousOctober 1, 2017 at 4:46 PM

    That’s funny you believe everything your “friend” Angela says. Did she also tell you how he had to work double days and so much OT to support her lazy ass because she has 2 kids by 2 different baby daddies and had NO job. Did she also tell you that he bought her a brand new car and she still didn’t have a job. What about the fact he took her kids on vacation and he paid for it all with his hard earned money? No, didn’t think so. Tell your lazy ass, bitch friend Angela to stop running her mouth and worry about her and her two kids.

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