Let the Healing Continue

Let the Healing Continue

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you are working hard to make things right again. Reaching out to Sharkey in jail was a good first step, but you can do more. There is a girl that was a stable on The Dirty, both as a subject of postings and a frequent commentator. I am talking of course about Tricia Evans. Tricia is a failed Playboy Bunny, failed P4P and failed Las Vegas pool club cocktail waitress. She is also one of the people who made The Dirty great, and someone you turned your back on when you lost your way. You never let her be a DC, and you never let her be on your podcast. You need to reach into The Dirty treasury and get her a round trip ticket from Las Vegas to LA so she can finally get he interview she deserves. Ask her about her life, her loves, and her one night stand with Sharkey. Not since Theodore will you have a better interview. Put her up in a Hilton. She will think she has finally made the Big Time, and you will earn some much needed positive Karma….

Self post.- nik


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