Mass Coordinated Terrorist Attack

Mass Coordinated Terrorist Attack

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik! Please, please, please help expose the truth. I know that you are the one to do it. The media is covering up a mass coordinated terrorist attack. Why? I have no idea. Money, guns, politics, religion, all of the above, I don’t know. I have never been into conspiracies and I’m not crazy. I was raised in a normal life, I moved to Vegas when I was 20, lived there for almost a decade before I moved back to my hometown. I am now a wife and mother to 2 kids and own my own business. I’ve followed since you were in AZ, even submitted someone once, stopped for a bit when you changed things up, but I am still loyal!

And I know that you wont be paid off by the media to keep quiet, so I need your help desperately. There were multiple shooters at multiple hotels on the night of the tragedy. Caesars, Aria, PH, paris, NYNY, Hooters, Bellagio, etc. There are tons people with who were there that can validate that it happened. A friend of mine, my realtor actually, was in the Caesar’s poker room when shooting started happening in the food court there. I have another friend who was working at Mandalay Bay security at the time and also said they heard on the police scanners about shootings at the previously mentioned hotels. Check the police scanners, the 911 calls, watch the video footage! You know every damn hotel on the strip has a camera in every corner. Why hasn’t any of the footage been released? Why has it not even been mentioned in the media at all of the possibility of multiple shooters? Or immediately made out to be a hoax.

Continue Reading- Feel free to submit any info you have. I love Las Vegas and want the REAL truth.- nik

Ask any person that was there, any nurse in the ER that night, the security, the hotel management, anyone BUT the media! Normally things like this don’t affect me like this, of course I’m sad and outraged, but I am more frustrated and angry because of the fake news. The media is manipulating us for their own reasons and it is putting people in danger. I have friends that live there, I have friends that work on the strip, I have friends with families and kids. And being told that the one “lone wolf” shooter is taken care of is suppose to put me at ease, but it doesn’t because I know that everyone is still in danger because they aren’t being told the truth and there are still crazy gunman out on the streets.

Nik, I truly believe you are the only one who can get the truth out. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to reach someone, somehow, that can make a difference. News and radio stations are out of the question because they are all corrupt. Please don’t just sick back and give “love and prayers” like everyone, thats great and everything but speaking out and doing something is so much more meaningful. And I know you have the power to actually make a difference, so please, don’t let them silence you. Check out this girl’s page, she’s been keeping posts of people reporting what really happened that night.

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