Masters Student Phillip Walker is a psychotic roommate from hell!

Masters Student Phillip Walker is a psychotic roommate from hell!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Phillip Walker is my former roommate who has explosive anger and is a sociopath that purposely tried to ruin my life and he needs to be outed. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of him and he needs to be grateful for that. He’s a nerdy, whitewashed, black mixed Korean, closeted gay man who thinks that he’s better than everyone else and he doesn’t hide it. He claims to be a former employee of Google (can’t prove it) and that he’s in school getting his Masters in Artifical Intelligence (can’t prove it).

He’s a cheapskate and a pest who tries to get stuff like cable and hot water for free and he abuses the privilege. He HATES women! He gets aggressive with them to the point that he gets in their faces and yells at them, he charges at them, and he makes them think that he’s going to physically hurt them. He verbally assaulted an office worker in the leasing office at our apartment complex by yelling at her and hurling racial insults at her for being Hispanic over a mailbox key.

Continue Reading- It gets crazier.- nik

Phillip Walker got into it with my female friend who was staying with us because she recently had surgery for a broken arm and he tormented her everyday so she couldn’t rest! He then tried to ruin me by calling the cops for every little thing such as when I had changed the password for the wifi and when my friend had adjusted the temperature in the apartment. He did this and tried to extort money from me or he would keep doing it and I would be forcefully evicted and ruin my credit! He’s too stupid to realize that he abused the process against me and that leaves him open to a lawsuit and that he tried to civil extort me which also can be used against him.

He doesn’t have any friends, he can’t get laid, nobody likes him (even other black people), he stays in his room watching Star Trek rerruns and he spends $10-$20/day on fast food or he cooks Ramen Noodles. He claims to be in his room doing school work to get his Masters degree (even though he doesn’t prove it).

Even on holidays he stays in his room for hours not going out. He doesn’t want to clean up after himself in common areas like the kitchen and he doesn’t want to take out his trash. He’ll let it sit there for days if you get on him for it. Nik, please post this even though I don’t have any pics of him. I’m building a case against him, but I also believe that he will one day murder an innocent woman because he can’t have his way and he has explosive anger with them! Anyone who comes into contact with him needs to be extremely cautious of him and not agree to sign a lease with him that will excuse him of not putting his name on any of the bills, lets him leave the lease at his own will, that you won’t pay his legal fees, etc. Make him sign a lease that he will agree to pay his bills on time, that he will keep his muic down, that he will clean up after himself, and that you can kick him out at any time.

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  1. nisiekOctober 25, 2017 at 2:23 PM

    Ugghhh roomates are all hellish

  2. jack.hahnOctober 25, 2017 at 9:57 AM

    It sounds like the guy has African American skin tone, and a Korean greg. Neither culture accepts him as one of their own. His inferiority complex is masked by his outward display of superiority. He seems to be waiting for the point of no return. Guys like this should not be allowed to purchase guns.

  3. Georgia97October 25, 2017 at 9:41 AM

    I need to go watch Single White Female again. Great movie.

  4. The boyOctober 25, 2017 at 9:40 AM

    Sounds made up

  5. BlahOctober 25, 2017 at 9:38 AM

    Future supporter of escorts.

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