Michael Money tried to rape my best friend

Michael Money tried to rape my best friend

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this piece of sh*t is Michael Money, current guitarist from Beyond Unbroken (previously known as the Money Brothers) and ex-guitarist of Escape The Fate. He made friends with my best friend through mutual friends. A couple years after they met they were hanging out with other people who disappeared and he was literally trying to pour drinks down her throat when she did not want to drink then tried to force himself on her. She was lucky enough to fight him off before he could succeed because he was so intoxicated. But it seriously wouldn’t surprise me if he has done this to other girls and actually succeeded. This guy is total scum who enjoys preying on girls and sending unsolicited Greg pics.

Please tell your friend, she is free from his curse. I cleared her. Thank you my children.- nik


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