Cheater and Empty Promises — Nacho Montoya

Cheater and Empty Promises — Nacho Montoya

THE DIRTY ARMY: Colorado ladies watch out for this lying, cheating, married man who promises you the world just so he can hold on to his crazy bitch wife “Sandra” who puts up with his sorry ass. He fills himself up with confidence thinking he is a ladies man when he should be losing his gut. He wears a patch to a club who can’t keep their members. What a joke!!! Once they find out what a liar he is I’m certain he will be out as well. Sorry ladies!! There is nothing great about Nacho but his sweet talks of bullshit. Its funny how a patch makes you a big man Nacho but not big enough to leave your crazy wife. Ladies if you see him run. He has nothing to offer you but a b*tch wife and a ton of kids who I would never raise. Don’t let him fool you that he is separated. He still lives with his wife and he thinks he can have the best of both worlds. Glad I found that out sooner then later. He wishes he was able to touch this cookie, he can pond on that. ha!! ha!! Lies don’t end relationships… Usually the truth does!!!

–OP you let a guy named Nacho inside you? Time for some self reflection

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  1. mickey mouseApril 23, 2018 at 6:30 PM

    OK .ghetto?