Nik, time to do things right by Sharkey

Nik, time to do things right by Sharkey

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, glad to see you understood the errors of your ways and are once again following the path of the righteous. However, you now have to make amends to a lot of people. People that made you who you are, the helped The Dirty become what it is today. People like James Sharkey.

Sharkey was the perfect storm of a $30k millionaire. From breaking shoes to breaking hearts, he was always providing great content for The Dirty. He was also the best podcast guest you ever had. Saying to you, “I don’t know what real love is” in front of his wife! Classic Sharkey. So what can you do for him now? What can you do to make it right? Visit him in jail, let him know we are all thinking about him. Put some money in his jail commissary account. I submitted a few posts advising him to dress better, act like a dad and husband. I was hoping I could not turn him around and make him a stand up guy. Maybe you can…….

I will do this for the good of the people. Someone in the DA please email me ([email protected]) how to visit him. I will document my journey and fist pump the glass for us.- nik

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