Psycho Roommate from hell, Phillip Walker, is trying to lay low

Psycho Roommate from hell, Phillip Walker, is trying to lay low

THE DIRTY ARMY: I had submitted a posting about my former roommate, Phillip Walker, and I have an update about him. A month after he had moved in with me, he had a lawsuit filed against him here in Las Vegas for allegedly scamming a female roommate of his out of $20,000 for her to move-in. The plaintiff’s counsel was unable to locate him and so the court had granted their request of getting him served via publication. He’s being a coward and trying to lay low hoping to evade this lawsuit knowing that he can’t pay back the money. Phillip Walker doesn’t want his name on anything, including a lease, utility bills, etc. He’s a piece of garbage who treats people like crap & he hates women! He doesn’t get along with women and he gets in their faces and yells at them and he makes them think that he’s going to put his hands on them.

This piece of garbage will NOT get away with what he did to me, he tried to get me forcefully evicted by calling the cops repeatedly for bullcrap like me changing the WiFi password to my friend adjusting he thermostat. He’s gone his whole life unable to defend himself against another man. He’s lazy and he doesn’t take any responsibility around the house like cleaning up after himself. He’s a chronic liar who can’t get laid and he spends long periods of time locked in his room and his diet includes Ramen Noodles and spending $10-$20/day on fast food. He verbally attacked a girl in our leasing office because they were late providing us with a mailbox key and he hurled racial insults at her, yelled at her, and ended it with how he hates that Hispanics are lazy and that he hopes that she gets deported. He tried to extort me via text telling me that if I didn’t give him any money that he was going to continue calling the cops. Anyone in Las Vegas who comes into contact with him needs to know that this sack of crap is trying to lay low until he decides to go postal and murder someone. No gun control law can be passed to prevent a POS like this from buying a gun and killing people with it. I hope that he reads this post so he can take legal action, lol!!!!

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  1. Liberty VillageMay 23, 2018 at 4:00 PM

    Was it worth it, Phillip? All the lies you told, calling the cops for every little thing, bringing strangers into the house, blasting music, refusing to clean after yourself, trying to extort your landlord via text, was it all worth it?!

    You’re in hiding because you’re trying to evade this lawsuit that got filed against you a month after you had moved-in. You screwed up and I highly suggest that you keep your mouth shut and don’t cry when you can’t have your way!

    Go ahead and make your empty threats of taking legal action against people, now they’ll know about the one against you and that you’re hiding from it!

    You’re a psycho and I believe that one day you’re going to be on the news for killing someone when you lose it one day.

    GET HELP!!!!

  2. OkApril 22, 2018 at 7:35 PM

    What a pathetic loser he is