Timothy Joseph Pratt — Tim Pratt Rim Ratt

Timothy Joseph Pratt — Tim Pratt Rim Ratt

THE DIRTY ARMY: Timothy Joseph spratt runs the streets of vegas doing whatever he can to support his heroine addiction.This disgusting excuse for a human being robs stores and people for a living, beat his pregnant girlfriend until she miscarried and still stalks her to this day sending abusive messages from multiple accounts or spewing a sick line about how he can have any girl he wants because he’s so bada55 and good looking. This jobless, abusive, heroine addict, needs to be put on blast for all the damage he’s caused.


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  1. TrojanbanSeptember 4, 2018 at 11:12 AM

    The part about the heroin is believable but him pulling any girl he wants is hilarious. He looks like a cracked out wanna be scene kid.

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