Valentine (Ann) Payne — STAY AWAY FROM Valentine (Ann) Payne

Valentine (Ann) Payne — STAY AWAY FROM Valentine (Ann) Payne

THE DIRTY ARMY: If you ever run into this 6’ 5”, 350 pound chick then be sure to move out of the way of this amazon. Between the alleged drug use, alcoholism, mental health issues and child abuse accusations, it’s best to keep Valentine (Ann) Payne at a distance. She can’t decide if she’s straight, lesbian or bisexual and her 3 son’s are suffering because of it. She has a 14 year old, a 16 year old and a 21 year old and they are all suffering due to her stupidity. Social Services has called her on several occasions due to her 14 year old urinating his bed on a regular basis. She curses her 16 year old out by calling him an “ugly black b*tch”, and her 21 year old just got out of jail for stealing. They originally lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin but just escaped to Las Vegas, Nevada. The problem is that every time tax season comes around they move to random locations and move the children out of school. They have moved to Wisconsin, to California, to Arizona, to Nevada and used the tax return money. The children have never had a steady home environment. Every time they move, they LIVE IN A HOTEL! Social Services can never get a hold of the children because Valentine Payne is ALWAYS ON THE MOVE! Valentine only has a 5th grade education so her children are extremely mislead. The most that she has ever made is $8.00/hour and she is fine with misleading her children. Her girlfriend, Andrea “Drey” Williams, allegedly abuses the children just like she does. Valentine’s oldest child, went to boot camp for stealing in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She knew that he didn’t have a job but yet allowed him to bring numerous stolen items into her (Valentine Payne) and Andrea “Drey” Williams, place of residence. Her oldest son was arrested for bringing speakers, video game systems, phones, laptops, etc into her household. She knew he didn’t have a job but enjoyed the benefits of using the stolen items. He claimed to be a gang member and also brought numerous guns into her house and she embraced his lifestyle. I guess we can’t expect much from a woman who can’t read and who has told her family that she isn’t really a lesbian but only dates her girlfriend, Andrea (Drey) Williams because she is a truck driver and gives her money whenever she asks. The main issue is that this woman has separation anxiety issues. I’ve literally watched her lie on and disrespect her family members and my ex who was her best friend. Both of these women decided to end the friendship with Valentine (Ann) Payne and her girlfriend Andrea (Drey) Williams, and Valentine and Andrea decided to LIE ON and DISRESPECT these women. Valentine can’t accept people not wanting to be her friend and her girlfriend Drey just goes along with whatever Valentine says. They are allegedly drug addicts and alcoholics so they have no standards. I witnessed Valentine contact her younger cousin’s mother and tell all lies in regards to her. Her cousin resides in an entirely different state and didn’t even know about this. She also contacted ALL OF THERE FAMILY MEMBERS and had them believing that she had contact with this young lady who was her younger second cousin. To make matters worse, Valentine’s best friend at the time took her younger second cousin’s side and she attacked her also. Valentine contacted my ex wife, me, her younger cousin and ALL OF HER FAMILY MEMBERS TO TAINT THEIR NAME. Valentine Payne is an evil person with no life that needs mental help. Whenever people don’t want to be in her life, she has a mental break down. Her cousin Tia didn’t want to deal with her and she lied on Tia and told everybody that she gets beat by her boyfriend and had numerous abortions. Her second cousin EJ didn’t want to talk to her and she lied and told everybody that she was living in an unknown state and dating an ex close friend. As stated Valentine (Ann) Payne is allegedly on drugs and is an alcoholic. Her and Andrea Drey Williams move state to state and all of the children allegedly have issues. Isaiah is a teenager who urinates on himself, Valentino doesn’t like them and gets mistreated because he is of a darker skin tone, and Roy just got out of boot camp for stealing and they still thrive off of the gifts he gave them. Like I said, STAY AWAY FROM VALENTINE PAYNE! She lies on people that don’t want to deal with her either. I watched her contact her little cousins mother and lie on her. She tried to turn people against her. I also watched her do the same thing to her best friend. She tried to get my ex wife and I children taken away based on lies. My ex and I take great care of our children so for her to disrespect my family is something I won’t forget. She tried to get custody taken away from my ex when we split custody. Valentine is the devil. I witnessed her lie on her own family for no reason. Her little cousin didn’t even stay in the same town as she did and she called this young lady’s mother and fed her all these lies. She also told the family the same thing. If you all locate her on social networks or anything, F her. She has no respect for humanity. The universe hates ugly, that’s why Valentine can’t read, doesn’t have anything past a 5th grade education, and lives from hotel to hotel. I guess drugs are a generational curse because her mother was a drug addict and now that she is in Vegas, they say that she is too allegedly. And to any family members that listened to anything she ever had to say, SHAME ON YOU for supporting bullsh1t instead of getting her the help that she needs! If you are attractive and in Vegas, stay away from her or you may be set up.

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