What do you do when your girlfriend dies? Go to Vegas!!

What do you do when your girlfriend dies? Go to Vegas!!

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I was shocked to see Bailey Mattingly partying with Sam in Vegas all weekend just weeks after Kim’s death. Friends of friends of mine know Bailey and say she’s depressed and in therapy. I wanted to have sympathy for the girl, that is until one look at her and Sam’s Snapchat shows what a terrible person she really is. This girl isn’t depressed at all. Her and Sam took hundreds of pictures an videos of them partying all weekend in Vegas. What a fake. Poor Kim.

If she’s really that “depressed,” why hasn’t she don’t the universe a favor and downed a gallon of bleach? Do you think sucking Greg for a living is finally catching up to her? The stupid b*tch is a nuisance to society. What is wrong with her? How can you be the cause of someone’s death and then go party in Vegas all weekend? Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe her. A terrible girl with a terrible heart. All I can say is karma will come her way I have no doubt. Fat ugly floozy.

You got a little aggressive in the second paragraph. Sam has moved on now that the GoFundMe.com transfer has hit… so should you.- nik


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