Sunhiee and LexiVixi at it again

Sunhiee and LexiVixi at it again

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! #DAStrong here for life, hope all is well. Tonight I’m here to tell you a quick and brief story about a girl hanging out with a well known #DirtysFinest contestant, LexiVixi from Lexington, Kentucky. These 2 girls are competitors on a website, MyFreeCams, and the kicker is that they scam people off of Facebook into sending pictures of their private areas and then trying to Blackmail them, which leads to the person forking over thousands if not tens of thousands in hopes of not being exposed.

I thought all along they were mortal enemies but they can be found in downtown Lexington hanging out at Buddah Lounge looking to snag their next victim in person, it’s crazy – they have absolutely NO SHAME! When will these pathetic cucks learn.

What ever happened to the Bulldog, Eric Deters… does he still run Kentucky?- nik