Roderick Isom — Roderick IsAnAHole

Roderick Isom — Roderick IsAnAHole

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Dirty Army! So I used to be a stripper and my biggest mistake/regret was dating this no good pos named Rod. I met him in the club and he was PERSISTENT let me tell ya to get a date with me. He followed me around the club and seemed to pop up anywhere I was outside of work. Lol. I thought he was cute and hadn’t dated a black guy before. In the course of our relationship he gave me DRD, cheated on me with a girl who at the time looked like a skinnier version of his baby momma (now she’s fat), “borrowed” $300 from me and never paid me back, let his dog rip up my shoes and never replaced them, AND THE GRAND FINALE after we had been broken up for about a year I came back home and worked one night at my old club (he wasn’t there) but I made $700 and flashed it on my snapchat. He and his friends tried to rob me! Haha! His neighbor/best friend/pepsi dealer let my friend who is addicted to opioids “borrow” $900 over the course of 2 months and he expected me to pay her debt since she couldn’t. Tf? The worst part of all is that he has a son who is very smart and adorable who he let me meet after only a month or so and he sells drugs! He sells pills, roxies, and hangs out with nothing but lowlife scum. That was a pretty dark time in my life, I drank too much (I had just turned 21 and he was 32), I was pretty depressed. So I made a lot of bad choices him being the worst one. He has abusive tendencies, when I asked for my 300 back after we had the talk about being done he literally picked me up and threw me out of his car bruising my hip and leg pretty badly so that it was hard for me to walk for a couple of weeks. I’m in a happy relationship now with someone much better in every way. But I want to put this fool on blast after almost 3 years so that any employer looking up his name sees this and RUNS in the opposite direction (he’s a drug dealer so you know he’s dumb and he’s never had a good job worth sh1t). He was in the military and you would think someone like that would have some basic respect lol. At least for his son! He is a terrible person and he hurt me in many many ways. You could say I’m still bitter lol. Everytime I think about him or his stupid friends it makes me sick to my stomach. Put this fool on blast!

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  1. Fastest Internet Search in History!February 5, 2019 at 11:30 AM

    Type in the name “Roderick Isom” and there it is:
    “Multistate Drug Ring Busted”. The Feds just took down several dealers, including, you guessed it, Roderick Isom, 35, from Little Rock.

  2. FLASHNovember 13, 2018 at 6:02 PM

    Sounds like dumb stripper drama to me. Flashing money on snapchat LMFAO! you deserved to be robbed you piece of trash!

  3. IcebergslimSeptember 27, 2018 at 8:43 AM

    aww poor maddy…. tellinthese lies 3 years later… I must really be important for you to feel this way after all this time…. makes me feel great to have such a great impression On someone who I forgot about…bum a55 b1tch…so I took 300 but I need my friends to take 700??? U all over the place with these fictional stories.. I feel so sad for you and your pathetic life…. may god rest his hands on you #healing

  4. KENZIE BITCHSeptember 24, 2018 at 4:36 PM