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Shame on you Neil Rubenstein

Shame on you Neil Rubenstein

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Neil Rubenstein says he’s a “comedian” but there is nothing funny about this oversized t.p.t (trailer park trash). I am coming to you today for a dear friend of mine who is too scared to do so herself. This pos uses his size and intimidation tactics to take advantage of vulnerable girls that he has working with him. He hires these young girls that are for some reason fans of his and then slowly conditions them to be sexually taken advantage of. He manipulates them to think that he is just playing around with them.

He starts with little things first like touching their sides and being overly touchy, then he starts rubbing their legs. After a while the girls become numb to this. Once he feels like he has full control over them he goes in for the strike. He gets them drunk beyond belief and has his way with them, all the while convincing them that they wanted it and telling them things like nobody will find out, this is their little secret. He even went as far as telling my friend that if she ever told he would make sure her father never got work again and would ruin her and her family’s life. You were our only resource to get him known as the scum bag he is and for other females to beware of him.

Neil, you need to shave your shoulders. #MeToo- nik