Jay Davis, Garden City, NY Matrimonial And Family Law Attorney Scammed Me Out Of My Money!

Jay Davis, Garden City, NY Matrimonial And Family Law Attorney Scammed Me Out Of My Money!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jay Davis Professional Misconduct: Jay Davis is admitted to practice in New York State. He should conduct himself to the high standards of the Code of Professional Responsibility. These are high standards. Jay Davis and his law firm violated the Code and should be charged with professional misconduct. Some examples Jay Davis”s professional misconduct are Potential Neglect – A lawyer fails to pursue your case and the action is dismissed or barred because of your lawyer’s delay., -JAY DAVIS, GUILTY in my opinion. Potential Fraud – A lawyer lies to you about any aspect of your case. -JAY DAVIS, GUILTY in my opinion. Jay Davis is the Master of the ” Bait and Switch”. He is the only attorney in the past 20 years that pulled this stunt. Jay comes off very nice and welcoming at first. Tells you what you want to hear, makes you laugh, then asks for a retainer like most sleazy attorneys. But Jay Davis plays dirty. He induces you by selling you on signing a retainer that even he does not put in time, he still gets to keep your money. That is not a retainer, to call it that is “fraud” Definition of retainer and fraud: -A retainer fee is something quite different. Sometimes a lawyer will ask the client to pay some money in advance before any legal work will be done. This money is referred to as a retainer fee, and is in effect a down payment that will be applied toward the total fee billed. -Fraud, wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. It is my belief based on my conversations with Jay Davis that he had absolutely no intention of doing any legal work for me, and no intention of refunding my money, hence, i feel i was defrauded out of my money. In closing, since being taken by Jay Davis and his law firm multiple people have voiced their opinions to me of his poor personal and professional reputation in Garden City, NY. I post this to make others aware, to take caution you before writing a check or engaging Jay Davis for his ‘legal Services”. I would hate to see someone else end up in the same position i did. There are plenty of honest and capable attorneys for hire in NY and in my humble opinion, Jay Davis is NOT one of them. Best of luck to all. Disclaimer: This disclaimer informs readers of this post that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed belong solely to myself, the author, based on my experience I encourage others to perform their own due diligence. Jay Davis 600 Old Country Rd. Suite # 410 Garden City, NY 11530 [redacted]



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  1. Extremely Satisfied clientJuly 10, 2019 at 5:24 PM

    I had the privilege of hiring a most efficient, effective attorney, who was compassionate and always available to me throughout a horrendous divorce.
    Mr Davis was always there for me and fought for my rights and got the best settlement .
    I take exception to what was written. Mr Jay Davis was used by many people I know, who had the most ethical and productive results in a divorce case. He fought successfully for custody of kids and financial settlements that amazed his clients. As a result, many recommended him because of great results.
    From what I understand Mr Jay Davis won numerous awards and spoke lecturing other divorce and family lawyers.
    Hiring him and having him fight for your rights will always be favorable to you and your loved ones.
    He was palesyd well prepared for every trial.

  2. Satisfied cudtomerApril 8, 2019 at 3:52 PM

    It is my privilege to recommend an excellent lawyer for your choice as your divorce attorney. He is compassionate and extremely skillful.
    He has superior research skills as well as excellent analytical skills. He is able to process large volumes of information quickly and formulate an effective strategy for each individual case.
    He is very personable and easily gained my trust with me and friends whom he worked with.
    I know people who will prefer to work with him exclusively, including myself.
    He is one of the best legal written compelling briefs, motions and arguments.
    He is also a gifted speaker. He has represented myself and all his clients in court with skill and professionalism .
    Jay constantly strives to educate himself to educate himself and improve his court room. Techniques.
    I am pleased to recommend Mr Jay Davis, Esq as the best divorce and family lawyer around. He will exceed your expectations

  3. Horrible - Rude - Harasses for money - Doesn't show up!March 7, 2019 at 8:48 AM

    Took thousands, didn’t show up a host of times for court, was late, unprepared, and rude. Failed to listen to instructions, said things he was not supposed to, worked against my case, but harassed me for money. Didn’t return calls, or emails, and said negative things against me and my case. I felt like he was actually representing the opposing side and not me. THIS was absolutely the worst experience I ever had with an attorney. He hurt the case by not showing up, prior to me deciding to hire a real attorney who represents MY interests! Fired him. NO STAR would be my choice. I agree with the above comment.

  4. mikeJune 18, 2018 at 3:11 AM

    news flash….hes a lawyer….theyre all filth. USELESS

  5. NobodyJune 17, 2018 at 11:38 PM

    One thing attorneys and car salesmen seem to have in common is buyer’s remorse. Know what you’re signing before proceeding.

  6. Bitcha55June 17, 2018 at 2:37 PM

    Really, OP? Posting on The Dirty about your disappointment with an Attorney ? Not buying your story. Maybe you should have done YOUR Due Diligence before signing a contract. If he really has done what you say, why wouldn’t you go straight to the NY Bar and file a complaint? You sound bitter.

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