Cardigan Mountain School needs to be shut down

Cardigan Mountain School needs to be shut down

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have a cousin who was molested by a teacher and a little brother who was assaulted by a dorm parent at Cardigan Mountain School where I also went, so I’m posting this in hope the entire school gets shut down.

First off, 95% of the students here and 100% of the day students who are inbred New Hampshire hicks don’t pay tuition through financial loans they don’t repay and as a result of that, the facilities are garbage and the food is literally the worst of any school in the country. Every student besides the obese kids who can live off their fat are so malnourished they’re almost dead by the time they get home for break. Over 90% of the students here are too crazy for public or a private day school and are medicated up the ass. Because they take 18 year olds out of the ghetto to carry their sports teams and a big percentage of the student body are inbred hicks who live in the backwoods of New Hampshire, you can guarantee your laptop and iPad will be stolen at some point during the year.

If you have the misfortune of being forced to go to Cardigan Mountain School, make sure you’re caught drinking or doing drugs the first week and you’ll get off of what is basically a prison sentence. The school is all boys, so unless you’re gay, don’t even dream about getting laid while attending cardigan.

I knew it was ALL boys… had a feeling with that logo.- nik

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