39 Year Old Club Rat Chy Janet Huang and Marc Riedel- The DRD Duo from Las Vegas to New York

39 Year Old Club Rat Chy Janet Huang and Marc Riedel- The DRD Duo from Las Vegas to New York

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I discovered that my long term wifey girlfriend of 4 years had been cheating on me for a month straight while I was secluded in Los Angeles dealing with a life changing significant issue. Chy Huang was telling me she was visiting her sister in Northern California, but she was secretly flying into NYC with my credit cards to be with this wannabe real estate guy Marc Riedel who moved to NY from Vegas.

He was a host and she was a bottle girl in Vegas around the same time and apparently they reconnected on Instagram DM about 2 years into our relationship and stayed in touch behind my back, in an inappropriate manor. Chy and I first broke up after I caught her involved in sexual texts with Marc smack dab in the middle of our relationship while we were living together, and Chy begged for me back after I left her. She swore to me that she told Marc to leave her alone and never to contact her again.

Amazing read — hit the ‘Continue Reading’ button. OP- please send more intel, this is better than Lord of the Rings.- nik

Marc disobeyed that demand in March of this year, and started to text her again, which led to them meeting for a cheap dinner in NYC and hooking up that same night! Yuck! When I made the discovery that Chy and Marc had been having unprotected sex while I was still sexually active with Chy, I was shocked and hurt and it was the final straw for me. We broke up for good. What’s even more sickening is that I have screen shots of text messages from Chy to Marc where she is asking him if he has DRD, and he denies it! What’s hilarious is that Chy indeed has DRDs and never disclosed to him her status. So either she most likely has infected Marc, or Marc already had it and is lying. How dirty is this story?

I recently confronted Marc on text about his current status with Chy and he claims that they no longer see each other sexually, but he also claims that he was able to escape without DRD. For me this kinda feels like a lie, right? I mean, he had been hooking up with Chy unprotected during the month of March and April, and he miraculously doesn’t have DRD? The thing that really blows my mind is that even AFTER I informed him that she had DRDs, he STILL saw her and communicated with her, claiming that they are friends! He posts comments on her Instagram @ not_so_chy.

This feels like a desperate duo, right? Chy even recently moved into the same apartment building in NYC that Marc lives in because she is bottle ratting again in NYC, so this makes everything feel like a lie as well, right? The way people from Vegas and New York behave makes me want to puke… It’s so pathetic. Anyways, I just wanted to share with The Dirty Army just how guys and their wifeys come down with the classic DRD. It’s cheaters like Chy Huang and weirdos like Marc Riedel who just don’t give a f*ck which lives they ruin!


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