Alex Silver-Fagan is an absolute FRAUD

Alex Silver-Fagan is an absolute FRAUD

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, three years ago, I nearly committed suicide after surviving a horrific crash that left me with a permanent brain injury and lots of medical nonsense. In any event, the thing that saved me was fitness. I became a personal trainer in New York at a gym on 14th and 6th. While working there, I would always catch Alex Silver-Fagan giving me side eye, and just generally being cold towards me. As soon as I announced I was doing a fitness show, magically she was doing a fitness show. I was friends with the guy training her….Yes, little miss fitness queen had NO CLUE what she was doing and needed a trainer. I asked him what her deal was and he was like oh she’s a sweet girl, an NYU college student, and she lives a few blocks down in the Village.

Soon, I noticed her coming in with a kid who had to be like 18 or 19, but you could tell he liked her. She would flirt and play around, but I saw it for what it was….She used him to take her insta pics and videos. She would workout for like 45 minutes tops and write on IG how hard her workout was, or how great her pump was. Soon I was using the speed rope to superset everything, and guess who got a speed rope?! Then I started noticing her trying to squat like me (isn’t gonna happen because Im all legs and ass, naturally). Soon, I went back to the guys whom she was friends with (NOT a single chick in sight btw, because that’s how beta chicks are,) and they all thought I was nuts for hating her.

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Skip forward a year, I went into that location to see my buddies, and they all told me i was RIGHT about her!!! Ive never felt so vindicated in my life. This chick blew up after The New York Post wrote about her IG. She couldn’t be bothered to train with my buddy, or shout him out, NOTHING!! Now he has started his own business and reached out to former clients to switch over, she couldn’t be bothered to support him!! She legitimately gained her following from working out and featuring my buddies workout programming all over her page, but NO CREDIT IN SIGHT.

Alex has hit a new low. She is exploiting her “DEPRESSION” to gain more of a following. Apparently 80k isn’t enough? I know for a fact, this chick is a spoiled rotten Jewish American Princess (or JAP as we say in NYC.) She has never had to work for anything in her life. NYU degree? PAID for. Rent? PAID for. Bills/Lifestyle? PAID for. The only reason this ass hat is depressed is because she has zero passion and/or personality and lives her life through instagram. People can call me a jealous bitch or whatever, but I’m so sick and tired of FAKES. Ive gone through so much the six years prior to last year, and I have no problem owning my story. I know for a fact this chick isn’t depressed…She’s just always trying to fit in and she’s chasing shallow sh*t around.

Here’s an idea Alex…..If IG is causing you so much pain, then f**king delete it? You don’t have the balls. If IG is causing you so much mental harm, why not deal with it in your own space and time? Why does it need to be blasted in The Daily Mail? You’re not a start advocating for people who cant do so for themselves. You’re a half smart, unoriginal, HACK…… Go find your purpose on your own time…. In the meantime stay the f**k of IG?!?!

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  1. BatmanOctober 24, 2017 at 1:55 AM

    Fitness trainers at gyms are lame. Your goal is not to train, but to sell more training sessions. Youre a salesman in track pants. Its pretty sad.

  2. Georgia97October 23, 2017 at 2:19 PM

    OP, where’s the picture of the JAP? I’m so disappointed.