Amanda Hartung — Betrayed My Friend By Mother Daughter Duo!

Amanda Hartung — Betrayed My Friend By Mother Daughter Duo!

THE DRTY ARMY: My friend in a 10 year relationship with my guy , was made to look a fool by a mother who only cares about money and how people will pitty her the most . Makes daughter stripp cuz she wants to live through her VICARIOUSLY so here this 10 year relationship was having problems about 6 months ago when Amanda H was having mental issues and my boyA was and has been taking care of her for 10 yeara b1tch didnt work he has great job so she moved back upstate ny so she can get help my boy left his job so he can help her with treatment so he moves from nyc to S. glenns falls ny and get job . but he. ouldnt cuz of small mkt so 1 month later he has to move back leaving her behind to continue treatment and to take care of her fuked up mother well true to her nature while my guy was working to help support her to give her a chance a a better life cuz she didnt have a good one in took her out of striipin and heroin . made her more respectable. her mom starts getting on her and has her go meet men while my guy A is 150 miles away to help both those b1tches . and she finds some guy and starts to cheat on him all while supposedly saying shes engaged to him telling him she LOVES HIM and she true to him and yet shes FUKING WITH HIS HEAD having sex with others . so she visits him weeks ago he asks if true to his face answer is no she not with anyone but he didnt believe her . She has her mother trll him not true etc even though he knows shes a back stabbing looser. so she stays with A for 3 weeks her mom calling angry saying wen are u comming home etc causing fights because her man kept calling some guy named Justin asking where is she etc so like she has dont to A she did to Justin saying some bullsh1t excuse so so they had to come back friday sep 28 of 2018 so she can see her dr and A dropps her off leaves her ang gives her his phone she calls Justin and then she call A to pick her up. He gets her and is at her mothers house, Mother named mellody H catherins st s glenns falls ny says to A im so sorry give a hugg and i love u and waite 2 mins layer phone rings guess who its Justin callin and mellody picks phone up first thing she says Oh Larry not hear ( mothers boyfriend name) To trick A into thinking call isnt for amandaa but walks to room and says to her something wrong with dog eddie his leg come che k it it was for her to go to room and take call from Justin so A walk towards room he knows something not rite and mellody all of a sudden is blocking his way and grunting not allowing him to pass only so she can be on phone with Justin and screw my boy up. and then theu act like he did something wrong so he left and now this guy Justin soesnt know that she has DRD lime she gave to my boy and mother gonna ask for money like she dis with A and whats crazy is justin thinks amanda was doing something for work those 3 weeks while she was with A getting sexed up she even gave him her ass cuz maybe she felt guilty but it was the mothers idea to whore her daughter . now she and everyone in south glenns falls ny knows that amanda h and mellody h are women to stay away from.

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  1. CANDYDecember 11, 2018 at 12:56 PM

    She is truly disgusting!! and when her looks fade and she gets knocked up and on welfare she will remember how many chances she had to have a decent life. I hope all the pain you bring to others returns to you in 10 FOLD!!!

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