Darren Ambler- Narcissist- Liar- Sex Addict- Con Artist- Psycho- Playboy- STD’s Cherry Hill- New Jersey:

Darren Ambler- Narcissist- Liar- Sex Addict- Con Artist- Psycho- Playboy- STD’s Cherry Hill- New Jersey:

THE DIRTY ARMY:I was used and abused by someone whom turned out to be a Sociopath- Pathological Liar- Sexually Obsessed- Filthy minded- Self Centered- Drug Addict turned Sexual Addict and pervert. Darren Ambler stalked me on a dting web-site just like he stalked and secured all of his other sexual prey. Except for the sloozys, Darren may have simply secured their services by way of mouth. The first time I met this Vulgar Idiot he forced Sex and Oral Sex upon me. I was lonely and vulnerable at this point in my life. Darren Ambler the ruthless Con-Artist took full advantage. ================================ Darren Ambler is a ruthless- Perverted Over Sexed PIG with no Morals- Manners- Social Grace- Conception of Right Vs Wrong and he is one of the most insecure and self-centered men I ever met. His whole life was about -ME -ME-ME and more ME and SEX SEX SEX and Oral Sex and Pornography. Darren was obsessed with dirty sex and Pornography. I later learned Darren Ambler viewed Porno regularly on the Internet in between Dating and Sex Web-sites. ================================= Darren used me and other females to satisfy his selfish and lustful sick desires. Darren’s wife took off I found out. No wonder who could stand being around a BIG Dork- Loser- Homely Sex Predator with Horrid Breath? ===================================== Darren would use anyone to get what he wants. Darren has no dignity- morals- self-respect and hi has Zero Self esteem. No wonder all he has to do is look in the mirror. On a scale of 1 thru 10- Darren Ambler Ranks a MINUS (-) 50. Pretty bad. He has no Looks- Personality- his Body looks like a scrawny stick with no muscle tone. Darren has no attractive or redeeming feature. Possibly facial reconstruction may help but maybe not. He needs a Miracle. ================================= Darren Ambler was physically and verbally abusive. He was always nervous about anyone finding out about our sexual based relationship. He lives a “Double Life” and he is a Pathological Liar and Sociopath. Darren cheated on me with sloozys and other Unsavory females. Darren is so sick and perverted he even forced a 69 year old senior citizen into a sexual relationship. What a sick creep. Drren is 41 years old why he is screwing an old women. Everyone knows Darren is desperate and mentally deranged. “Beggers can’t be Choosers”! ================================= Darren attempted to control weak and vulnerable females through sexual domination. Darren is horrible in the bedroom. He has a wee wee micro sized like an infant. Darren Ambler is plain weird with no appeal and a big LOSER. His entire life is a LIE and a Fantasy. He can NEVER be trusted. ================================= I warn other women- PLEASE be cautious if Darren Ambler solicits you for SEX on line or in Person ignore him and/or call POLICE if he Stalks you. He is a pervert and stalker. This Homely Dork gave me DRD’s through his LIES and Infidelities. One day this Sex maniac will pay for what he did to me and others. I have every right to tell the TRUTH about what this Sex Psycho Liar did to me. That was the worst experience of my LIFE. BEWARE. ============================== Darren Ambler lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill- New Jersey. The Creep works at Express RX (Medco) in Florence TWP NJ: As far as I know Darren Ambler is a Pharmacist. Protect yourself from this No good Lying Sex Predator. If you invite him into your life you will regret it. You may even suffer bad health like I have. He is a true low life slime bucket/. ================================


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  1. Emily FlinkerApril 5, 2019 at 6:00 AM

    He and Mindy Murray (Cincinnati’s version of him) need to get together and just disappear forever for the sake of society.

  2. Patrol-228November 7, 2018 at 2:20 PM

    The comment by Bypasser is absolutely insane. It sounds like something this scum bag demented creature Darren Ambler would write. It makes no sense. This why the only solution here (and i am sure many agree with me) is hopefull some stiff JAIL TIME.

    Bypasser is conding immoral behavior which is what this guy seems to do all of the time. He has a serious block where no one can seem to get through to him. Yes- I understand totally why his former took off. I am sure he put her through the mill with his insane behaviors. I would imagine this former wife probably has peace in her life for the first time since she is rid of her crazy ex.

    Normal well bred people don’t live the way this guy lives. They just don’t. They have families, children, they socialize, go to church together, take trips and just live life. Having close family and friends is a part of all that. People like I just described are not out screwing floozys and lying and obsessing over sex all day: I would never date a guy with this past if I was single.

    Maybe the best thing besides Jail for this guy is to just go away and leave normal society alone. He could not possibly have many friends or people that like him. If I had to live my life like the way he does I would rather be dead: What kind of life is con games- illicit sex- blaming everyone else for your problems etc. Obviously- this guy is severely mentally impaired probably beyond help. With his name all over the Internet i can only imagine how many people know what he is. Doesn’t that bother him? Most people it would bother them.

    I hope and pray that these ladies are successful in putting this garbage away. Guess what? even if that happens he will still never take blame for anything. Normal people would want no part of this “Mad-man” in their lives. But again- I am sure he is too impaired and full of drugs to realize that.

  3. Vacationer-CC17November 7, 2018 at 12:09 PM

    In reply to Bypasser and the rest of the posters: I thin i can understand what is going on here. It seems this Darren is sick and i am sure sex addicted. I feel it is making many angry even some men because this Darren is saying these women are no good slores but he is a nice guy with morals and standards. In reality- he is not a nice guy. Period. Probably deep down inside he knows it is wrong to live this way but he does not care because he is probably so lonely and mentally screwed up.

    I have heard people call him scum and male prostitute etc… I think he is all those things. I would not worry about him taking advantage of someone decent : A decent respectable lady would figure out what this guy is all about quickly. I do not even think this guy wants anyone decent. He isn’t going to get it. No lady with a brain in her head and moral fiber would lower herself to be with this guy. It won’t happen. If he ever decides to stop this floozy lifestyle he will end up with someone like himself. A low class person who does not want much out of life:

    This guy is in a class by himself. I doubt very much any one knew what he was doing. I mean family- friends- co workers. Why? he knows it’s wrong and people would never respect him if they knew. I think people have to know in spite of wht he thinks.

    This guy is way out there. He obviously is not classy and has an diminished moral capasity. There are many like that they call them “White Trash”. That is the kind of people this guy should be around. He would feel out of place around normal people.

    I doubt this guy fits in any where. He is definitely mental: People like that are loners. They should be. People like this Darren emotionally drain normal people and they abandon people like Darren. This guy is so sick and obsessed he can not understand why people feel the way that they do. I do think people should be alerted.

    If the ladies are no good then Darren Ambler is no good either. Not a nice boy that you will take home to mama. I read posts and Yes it seems this guy wont explain what he choose this lifestyle. In site of what he thinks- his lifestyle is only acceptable among scum like himself. I would pursue the issue. If it can proven he was involved with floozys he can go to jail.

  4. bypasserNovember 3, 2018 at 11:14 AM

    All this sounds is like he paid you for your services and he may have done something you didn’t like so now here you are calling him every name in the book.. which is funny you you say he has no morals.. but then what does that make you? lol.. everyone always wants to cry victim when they don’t get their way..

  5. Natalie BOctober 31, 2018 at 8:57 PM

    This no good male floozy will have a day of reckoning. How dare he call any women a sloot . Darren Ambler is a male sloot with not a moral bone in his ugly 130 pound scrawny repulsive body! He used flooozy services for 3 years . What normal man sleeps with senior citizens 70 years old. Darren Ambler is 40 years old- and highly demented and sex addicted. He is an Internet troll and a Perverted Stalker……………………………No decent lady on this planet would ever want this reject drd sex scum bag.

  6. Parsons Inc:October 28, 2018 at 3:39 PM

    I am sick and very tired of these men who think they can use a women for some thrills and “secret love” when it suits them. Then they think they can “dump ” you like “GARBAGE” and treat you like a first class “SLooT”. If women are “SLooT’S” that what does that make a guy who travels from one bed to another- no commitment- no feelings- just use the fool for your own selfish and sick obsessive desires. Guys that do this are “PLAIN NO GOOD”. Certainly not the kind of person you want to bring home to meet your Mother or God forbid settle with. People like this do not change.
    I was the innocent victim and was used by Mr. Darren repeatedly. Darren is a Coward among other things. What kind of man sleeps with several women, lies all the time, would sleep with a married women and then bad mouth his former sex partners. A Creepy Ugly unrefined Idiot- that best describes the kind of guy that behaves that way. The mental and physical pain that can result from treatment such as this is HORRIBLE. I am sure Darren denies that we ever had a sexual relationship. Actually-I know for a fact he denies that anything happened. As I said he is a Coward with no self-esteem- self respect – dignity or moral ground. A Big ZERO who wastes his life doing NOTHING Constructive or Worthwhile.
    =================================================================================MY Family is furious over what this “Frog face” did to me. I was violated as a women by some four eyed insecure Dud who has not a care in the world and lives in his own fantasy world . A world full of lies- fantasy and Convoluted thoughts. The final icing on the cake was- being left Physically ill battling a serious infection for many months now. I have been on 6 different anti-biotics. Now the last drug the doctor tried was a strong Sulfa based drug. The sulfa drug upsets my stomach and makes me extremely tired. I hope this Jerk is happy. See Lies and Deceipt and Lust always have consequences. One day Darren Ambler better stop the Games and Fantasies and face REALITY like the MAN he wants everyone to think he is.
    Who does he think he is using whomever he pleases then calling me and the other victims all kinds of filthy names. If i am a filthy no good slut well then what does that make Darren Ambler?? If he is so Moral and well bread well then why was he with a “so called” Sleaze like me to begin with. He better face REALITY and the TRUTH for once in his odd LIFE. In the future- if he wishes to post vulgar comments on line- be man enough to use his own name. Darren posted comments on Black list report .com in 2017 and used “George” xxxxxxx as his user name. Use his own name for his user name not someone else’s name. To my knowledge “George” and Darren are two different names. You can’t use real names and quote things that the person NEVER said that is a BIG NO NO!! Because it is a downright fraud LIE.