David Ragosa & Carlo Ruggiero, Con Artists of Kono Pizza USA

David Ragosa & Carlo Ruggiero, Con Artists of Kono Pizza USA

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I thought this would be the best forum to expose two con artists that are selling expired food to their franchisees and stealing their money.  They brought Kono Pizza to the United States in 2014 stating that they wanted to be trendsetters for Pizza in a Cone.  In order to open up a franchise, you had to send them $39,000 for the franchise fee and $10,000 to have them help you with finding a location. They push franchisees to open up in obsolete malls in order to make money on markups for a kiosk and ovens. For example, they charge $6000 for a $1000 oven from Italy.  Now that would be acceptable business practice if they were committed to helping their franchisees, but they do not and could care less about the success of their company.

They bought a warehouse full of bread cones from Italy in 2014, thinking they would sell a lot of franchise rights in the USA but they didn’t.  So instead of tossing out the EXPIRED food, they shipped the cones to their franchisees thinking that the franchisees would not be able to read the Italian labels.  Some of these cones were expired by 18 months and going into consumer mouths! On their Instagram accounts, they brag about driving Maseratis and lie about how successful the brand is when NOT even one store has made a profit. They also hit on the wives of franchisees and perv on them during visits! Please expose these fraudsters.


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