Gilad Nakash — Scumbag Fukboy Won’t Stop Harassment

Gilad Nakash — Scumbag Fukboy Won’t Stop Harassment

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is fukboy Gilad Nakash.  He lives in NY, NY.  I heard this guy was crazy from past girlfriends but he acted head over heels for me.  I wouldn’t even give this guy the time of day at first, but then he started spending tons of money on me.  I decided to give him a chance.  Next he started acting super creepy.  Creepy soon turned into violent.  The moment he got violent with me I got ot.  The minute I left this weirdo he started non-stop stalking me and sending HUNDREDS of text messages threatening me.  This cretin fuk shows up at my work now.  He obviously doesn’t take rejection well, but the guy is dangerous. Women need to watch out for this creepy violent piece of garbage fukboy.

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  1. Tony SopranoJune 16, 2018 at 5:25 AM

    Sounds like a thot got thrown to the curb and is making up stories now . Can detect this a mile away .

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