Mozzan Hassan — Sudanese Latham Tranny Mozzan Hassan

Mozzan Hassan — Sudanese Latham Tranny Mozzan Hassan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please put this ugly stank bad bodied tranny Mozzan Hassan on this site. This Mozzan Hassan is the worst person you will ever meet. She is jealous of beautiful girls, and brags about fighting. She came from Sudan a couple years ago, smelling like funky dirty laundry and throw up. Didn’t know a lick of English yet after gaining citizenship she thinks she is American. She is the definition of a pathetic FOB. Also, sh eis self hating. I have seen her face to face and she is very dark skinned. She makes Alek Wek look light skinned. Mozzan is very black, but she puts on heavy filters and photoshop. Anyone who has seen her face to face will tell you this. She has the ugliest features ever. A flat and falred nose, beety a55 eyes, a masculine build..I can go on!!! I have lgiht skinned friends from the same culture who she envies. She throws shady comments because she is insecure. People don’t respond to her and take her seriously because they know she is insecure and anything that comes out of her mouth comes from a place of pain,hurt and rejection. She has also stolen expensive earrings and money from people. She has horible hygiene too. SHe smells like hot garbage and rotted fish. She has no real friends either. She is pathetic. Her skin is the texture of tree bark. No man wants her. So she is going to Sudan and bribing men to marry her with American citizenship! yes Nik,you heard correct! she is going to bribe village guys to marry her using American citizenship. Her family’s house is disgusting and full of roaches. Everyone who has been to her family’s house has left with a rash. She flirts with guys and they don’t flirt back with her. She is desperate and disgusting. Ugly runs in her family. They are as ugly inside as they are on the outside. She claims she is curvy(lol) but she has no curves. She is flat all over and wide. People in the community have been speculating for a while if Mozzan is really a “Mo”. She was born in Sudan, but the facts surrounding her birth are nonexistant. She has even lied about her age. She has been in and out of hospitals a lot. A friend of her’s said she was on Hormone therapy. By average, women in all cultures and ethnic groups tend to be lighter than theri male counterparts. Not Mozzan, she is not only darker than all men but she has an ashy cast. She photoshops photosto the extreme to appear lighter and photoshops other features.It clearly isn’t working. A sign of a tranny is also the shade of skin. Ask anyone in the medical field. If you’ve noticed her shoulders, they are very large and wide compared to her hips. Which any medical professional will tell you is a sign of a tranny. She has a V shaped torso, not hourglass! even when she gains weight it just look like a huge linebacker!! she will never be curvy. She takes out her angry on females that have the qualities she wished she possessed. She is the laughing stock of the world. No amount of photoshop or filter can change the fact that she is disgustingly unattractive. Nk, please do the honor of posting Mozzan and her witch looking imp sister Eman

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  1. BrithalSeptember 28, 2018 at 8:23 AM

    Hey dirty girl