Mark Vujovich of Melbourne, Australia Is An Online Predator

Mark Vujovich of Melbourne, Australia Is An Online Predator

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I met this guy on Tinder a few months ago and before you say how dodgy online dating is, I know. Trust me, I know, but you’ve gotta give it a shot. This guy, Mark Vujovich came across as your typical online playboy….. profile picture with fancy AU$300,000 car, Gucci, talking about how he’s very successful, likes nice things, etc. He was very charismatic so I agreed to one date.

Before our date, I did Google him (I like to know who I’m about to meet), found out he was former general manager – sales and marketing (should have been the first warning sign) for Simonds Homes, one of Australia’s largest builders and because it’s a listed company, a lot of his information was available so I was confident that he was who he said he was. He is now director for a boutique property group, Maybach Property Group. So we went on our date, nothing overly exciting about it, good food and wine. After the date he wanted to show me his city view from his penthouse (yes, I know, douche). I went up and he tried to kiss me, I kindly said that I don’t know him well enough…. then he got rough….. nothing bad happened, he just got a bit pushy then seemed to realize what he was doing. I left.

Continue Reading- I’m really visualizing this date. He does have an amazing view (in my mind) and the chick is hot.- nik

The next day he apologized and wanted another chance, I declined, but thanked him for his apology….. this is where is gets really interesting….. This is a man who isn’t used to rejection. He is a wealthy man who is used to girls throwing themselves at him…. he started with the abuse, name calling, insults both via text and voicemail. I blocked him and then came the pranks from private numbers, abuse on social media, abusive texts from random numbers (text burner)….. after a while, I went online to see if there was a pattern and found three other girls who also experienced the same situation as I did (thank god for social media)…. as the harassment was ongoing, we did report him to the police as a collective group. I don’t know the outcome, but it has recently stopped. What is weird, this is a successful businessman with a professional profile…. how could anyone be this dumb to think acting like this in your private life is acceptable?

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