Carlos Menendez of Miami

Carlos Menendez of Miami

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Carlos Menendez a straight up loser, adulterer, scammer, home wrecking coward, convict, and a racist scum anything that points to a man being less of a man morally thats this guy. A 45 year old cuban nazi if there is such a thing. The guy thinks he is white and has the nerve to hate non white people. The guy barely speaks english you would think he was fresh off the boat. A real white person would look at him and just laugh like try again buddy. He claims to be an investor but dude is nothing but a scamming thief in Miami with 20 different LLC companies that don’t even last more than 6 months. He manipulates weak minded girls into doing what he wants like committing fraud for him at title companies, stealing peoples homes but when the authortites get involved he goes running like the little B-TCH he is home to his wife till things cool down then comes back around again.

He has his wife and family members putting everything in their name for him so nothing comes back to him. Nothing is in his name not even social media account because people he’s screwed over are looking for him. Warning Do not do any kind of bussiness with this low down dirty con artist thief, poor excuse for a man. The chick next to him is Roxy his dumbest victim out of all of them. Although this guy has been married for many years to yuresly menendez the woman he has known since she was 14, this chick next to him will not leave him alone for 13 yrs now, can you imagine wasting 13 yrs of your life waiting for a man to leave his wife,family & kids for you and you are not even the only mistress according to his wife. not to mention his wife also states he knows Roxy is nothing but a no good persistent slut and she’s been obsessing over her husband since 2005/2006 and he’s just been having fun with her for as long as he can which is why the wife claims she’s not even worried about her because she is a mistress and thats all she will ever be and if she’s satisified with being that & has no ambition for a real life and can’t get or keep her own man & family then so be it. He met her when she was young 19/20yrs old immature young & dumb and now at 32yrs old she still immature not young anymore but still dumb.

This guy knows with her he has the biggest weak-minded idiot ever and can manipulate and control her to do whatever he wants & screw over whoever he wants her to. He even had her tattoo his name all over her body. once like the coward he is he ran scared & abandon her for a year after having her commit fraud at a title company she was working at & almost getting her arrested, luckly she only got fired. around then she was telling everyone the truth about him being a scam artist and criminal now she lies to her family and friends saying he’s divorce & some successful business man that loves her and takes care of her but truth be told they are currently both stealing from her ex boyfriend & thats what she’s surviving on ,till that well runs dry. According to his wife she is not the only side chick but she is the craziest. She says this chick is a complete psycho she has stalked their home, tried running his wife off the road and even comitted a hit and run on his wife. Now what kind of man allows his side chick to put his family in danger. Having a side chick is one thing but when that chick starts attacking your family its time to cut that off. We’ve all seen fatal attraction.

This dude is a piece of crap coward that hides in the back & orchestrates, pulls her strings like the theiving puppet she is. Now they both go around scamming and stealing peoples homes and valuables. As you can see in his mugshot here he has already been arrested for a number of thefts, burglaries, racketeering and more not to mention he’s a snitch and now they are both currently under investgation with the fbi and local authorities. Just like her he’s a pu_sy and not even man enough to face anyone that they have screwed over. They are both snakes, rats and deserve to reap what they sow.

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  1. kKKOctober 2, 2018 at 4:19 PM

    Hey carlos you need to take a PLAN B pill man cuz you a straight up H_ E … This refugee is a real Bit_h.

  2. H2OSeptember 18, 2018 at 3:05 PM

    Carlos is a punk What kind of man helps some momentary side piece destroy another mans life. The money she is stealing from her ex is saving this loser from stepping up to the plate & she sounds too slow & naïve to figure this out. she’s wrongfully living off her ex’s money she sounds just as much of a loser as Carlos. any woman that lay up with a man knowing he has a wife & family yes is a loser & just trifling. Pretty sure she lives at home with her parents waiting on broken promises from this guy and when that doesn’t work she’ll move on to the next guy with no shame for what she has done, just as if nothing happened. Her history will follow her though, one way or another just as it is doing now. The next guy will find out not only that she is trifling but that she’s also a thief. maybe that money she is stealing is what she plans to get her own place with cause i doubt very much a married man will be paying serious bills for her. all things in the dark has a way of coming to the light & You maybe be finish with the past but the past is not finish with you.

  3. MaleficentSeptember 11, 2018 at 10:22 PM

    If you hang around losers you become a loser. This loser, his wife loser, his girlfriend loser

  4. NEBSeptember 5, 2018 at 3:08 AM


  5. jeanJune 21, 2018 at 3:48 PM

    Yes this man is a complete fraud he and his mistress Roxana Caro plotted ,scammed and set her baby daddy up and stole his house then sold it for profit. You can find her right here on the dirty.Com Look for the article on the Caro family. This scamming family is who Carlos is around while in Miami Banging his pathetic mistress, that his wife Yursely Menendez is well aware of. Just as she is well aware of his frauds & scams. She is just as pathetic as the mistress but no matter how unhappy the marriage is he still won’t leave her for his mistress. That’s gotta hurt the mistress because fact is he’s still choosing A unhappy marriage over a half a55 adulterous relationship with damaged goods. And that’s if it’s really A unhappy marriage like most men you just tell the mistress all she wants to hear to keep her around, just as he will be a complete idiot to think he’s the only man the mistress is banging. Girly is a complete whore since her high school days. My friend has already gone to the Fbi with information about Carlos and also documents of his mistress who is a fraud scammer herself. The Feds are now currently investigating her for bank & credit fraud. Home girl was borrowing multiple loans from banks then after receiving these loans she was filing fake identity theft reports to clean her credit & denying she took the loans from banks. If you are searching for Carlos you might want to research a company in miami called vision realty of miami. Juan Fiol another scammer that the Feds are now looking into as well. He is a business partner of Carlos. Together they run their scams with Roxana Caro. I hope whatever you have on him puts his a55 behind bars. He’s a racist punk and a loser just like his racist mistress Roxana Caro. They are both scared to face her baby daddy after they stole his house. They hide and tell nothing but lies. He hides behind the scene & manipulates her dumb easily weak-minded ass into doing what he wants & her being a money hungry scavenger makes it easier for him to do so, when she finally gets used up by him and gets arrested let’s see just how strong their relationship is & lets see if mr Menendez takes the fall with or for her or will he run & leave her to the wolves likes he’s done in the past. This guy is trash A certified bum. Any further information/comments you get on him post it I’m sure that information can come in handy for anyone else out there he’s stolen from. Dude walks around acting like he’s some clean business man claiming he’s a millionaire when all he is a pathetic loser and a petty thief just like his vindictive mistress.

  6. Carlos menendezJune 5, 2018 at 2:23 PM

    A Miami Dade County pending case for abuses to the elderly, very greedy scam artist, this man is unbelievable with so many lies and manipulation, to get what he wants, He tries to act as a very oriented bisiness man, has open numerous corporations with different addresses in different places of Florida, further comments with evidence will be posted, he intimidated me without knowing what was I able to discover about him. He’s also reviving dead people with fraudelant signatures. I’m waiting for my investigator to give me the address of one of his Addresses in Albany New York. He’s using an invalid drivers liscence.

  7. GraceMarch 2, 2018 at 7:16 AM

    New toddler

    • Carlos menendezJune 7, 2018 at 4:10 AM

      Wow I thought I may had been the only person who had done a business withMr. Menendez Carlos , that he ran away with my money, this man just takes advantage of people and their circumstances and he a coward, looser, a man with no word or principle he is so desperate and hungry for money that he is capable of everything. His wife knows all the fraud he’s doing out there, but she is just as him. He forged my signature on a legal document and I’m waiting for him to fly a bit higher to have a legal action against him. Donor do business with Carlos Menendez, he is currently in Miami, New York, Tampa and manny other states is Florida, this guy have several actions against him. Do not trust him.

  8. YG76January 22, 2018 at 4:56 AM

    Some Husbands cheat with trashy whores because they’ll do anything they want them to. “Case in point”

  9. BillyblueJanuary 13, 2018 at 7:13 PM

    Do You know whats worse than a thief ? A COWARD

  10. FirestormJanuary 9, 2018 at 5:09 AM

    The typical miami Cuban douche bag. After all’s said still at the end his mrs will always have what side chick never will have. The TITLE, followed by the family, house, money. Happy,sad, good,or bad marriage he must still love the wife he has not divorced her through all these years of cheating & vice versa.Note: side chick obviously doesn’t make him more happy as well & she must not be worth it because it appears he’s never Leaving his wife & family for Her. No man would not care what he stands to lose from leaving a wife he no longer loves.$$,house,cars & so on because he should & would want to rebuild all that with his new-real love,love of his for thought

  11. Tracy11December 16, 2017 at 6:04 PM

    He’s ugly as sh_t

  12. micheedonDecember 2, 2017 at 7:58 AM

    He looks puerto rican maybe dominican but not white. I am white ,redneck my hubby is black Venezuelan