Dr Hannah Anderson — The international floozy of Mystery

Dr Hannah Anderson — The international floozy of Mystery

THE DIRTY ARMY:  A Dr. Born flew in from NY who is 65 yrs old. Got her a hotel room at the sea side hotel. While I was at work they had sex in the room. He dropped her off to my job in Miami Beach after wining and dining me with the fist full of hundred dollar bills that he gave her. We proceeded back to the sea side hotel that’s when her mood started to change from happy to worried. She began starting to get angry and somewhat abusive. I could tell that the uber driver was wondering why she was being belittling to me. Well we got to the hotel and when the door to the room was opened . The place looked like people were having sex on it.. pillows were scattered around the bed a wreck. There was a towel placed on the bed right where your a55 would sit. I was shocked and silent.. I didn’t say a word. Dr Hannah Anderson said it’s not what it looks like… nobody’s been fuking in here.. still silent and in shock I noticed on the balcony 3 Marlboro light cigarette butts in a cup of water. Without me saying the word for the next 30 minutes she tried to explain that she was having sex but not with Dr. Born. A random guy that she met one of my friends. Saying that Dr. Borns wife was present. But remember that a faerie only has 2 seats. For over a hour her story changed every 5 minutes. I sat silent for the most part just saying that I didn’t believe her.. in conclusion I would like to say the audacity of wealthy people that think that they can go through life and hurt normal hard working folks.. fu. Dr. Hannah Anderson. And Fu. Dr. Born. I’m finally free of Hannah’s psychotic bull sh1t. I’m single again but happy finally.


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  1. MortyMarch 17, 2019 at 4:18 AM

    She’s no dentist. That’s for certain.

  2. BradleyMarch 8, 2019 at 1:58 PM

    The details of him getting here idk . I think he shipped the Ferrari then flew down. Him and his wife were in bal harbor to renovate/furnishe a place that they purchased at the time. He’s a billionaire as far as I know. He owns 25+ sky scrapers in New York/Manhattan. He cheated on his wife in the process. If she could get ahold of me I’ll tell her the same. I hope that they don’t put a hit on me but this is the truth and nothing but!