Miami’s favorite duo’s Michelle Lari

Miami’s favorite duo’s Michelle Lari

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, please allow me to expand on a previous post on Miami’s favorite duo. My particular interest is focused on Michelle Piwko Lari, a former escort (that’s how I met her) from Miami originally but then in NY for a few years. I only decided recently to engage in this conversation to help set the record straight as she is nothing more than a scam artist and a thief. She actually stole some jewelry from me (among other items) but regardless, my loss is bleak compared to what she is actually known to have done to many others and still today involved with some type of online credit card / identity theft scam with her husband (something every woman should look for in a man) and why she moved to Puerto Rico and not for tax purposes as previous stated, that will ultimately lead to her outing.

She is a pretentious fraud that still to this day walks around like she owns the world and yet her 2 gullible adamant supporters still follow her down a path that is only headed one way despite the problems she has caused them all and their husbands and when it all collapses, and it will as it always does, she will be nowhere to be found. A simple google search will show that she is a lawyer and some top real estate broker (which is all false) but in reality , she’s only slept her way to get to what she claims to have accomplished or acquired. Case and point; the pic above is actually from a short digital she (allegedly) made with a (allegedly) former pro athlete with a current athlete (again allegedly) which doesn’t surprise me at all (1+1+1=threesome?) I’m always curious about those in the know and what they’ve kept from ones spouse to protect the queen bee.

Nik, As we see all these scandals unfold in public with Hollywood and politics, it has emboldened victims to finally come out and tell their stories so I call upon all of those who have either been victimized or defrauded Or suffered under the thumb of this vile, fake nose , fake boobs, fake chin, fake life, fraudster and call her out and if by chance you see miami’s favorite duo along the beach in their new temp home or back at 2 Calle candina , stop on in and get an autograph Nik , I’m sure the flood gates are about to open.

I’m not a fan of this pushup bra… it ages her face.- nik

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  1. davidNovember 21, 2017 at 3:27 AM


    Every girl in Miami is an escort . They all call themselves “entrepreneurs”. I’ve never seen an entire city made up of scam artists and losers. she’s probably a “realtor” too.

    she’s a perfect fit for south Florida

  2. TigreNovember 20, 2017 at 5:48 PM

    OP sounds butthurt he didn’t get to be her husband.