Taylor Richardson — Fake!

Taylor Richardson — Fake!

THE DIRTY ARMY:She’s very mean, she’s only nice if it benefits her if you’re famous or have money. If you’re a nobody she doesn’t care, especially if you’re her competition. She was very mean to me and I sensed she was always jealous because I am one step ahead of her. I asked her to help me with something and she went and posted something else to help another. She’s constantly pulling the race card as if because she’s black she’s going to make it, grow up. It’s not about race, the white person can be better than you at doing it. You won’t get far, you won’t make it. How are you inspiring if you’re not there yet, how can you also be an advocate. Good luck, you should chase something else!


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  1. Dirty ReaderNovember 12, 2018 at 7:56 PM

    Wow this op really is a jealous butthole
    Like you sure you’re not just mad about her being successful and not trying to spread her clout