Anthony Turano The Creepy Photographer

Anthony Turano The Creepy Photographer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Anthony Turano is the one of the creepiest photographers I’ve met. He tries to get models to go on “free Mexico shoots” but now models are talking and free means having sex with him. He offered me a free trip. I told him I have a boyfriend and he said, ‘oh well, then I don’t want to take you in case I get feelings for you and leads to other stuff.’ WTF?

After saying that, he whines that models talk and about his son and how he’s an ex cop from Miami blah blah and how models are unprofessional. But if you like to get naked and have “fun” with him he’ll let you be in his fake magazine Skin or Playboy Italy… some girls have actually had sex with him because he promised to get them into Playboy. To future girls/models- do not shoot with him, 100% unprofessional and a creep! You should be ashamed of yourself Anthony your a father!

Does this guy not know how to use autofocus on his camera?- nik

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