Kirt Webster the sexual assailant

Kirt Webster the sexual assailant

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hi Nik, my name is Austin, and I know that men don’t talk about these things as often, but I have been victimized by a very powerful businessman over the period of a year. I didn’t know what to do and how to say no, because he held such power over my music career and overtly reminded me of it. I recognize that many are dealing with their own unique pain and recovery. I thank and applaud them for being role models and for stepping out to throw their monsters into the light of day. You are all heroes.

The point of my message is, selfishly, in the hope that getting it out of my own head and to you and a few industry folks finally, will help me reach some kind of relief/peace of mind in knowing that people know the truth about what was really happening while I was faking smiles, offering hugs and signing fans’ autographs. I was terrified for my life.

So, here goes.

Continue Reading- Thank you Austin for your courage. I beg others to be strong and come forward on TheDirty #MeToo.- nik

In 2008, Kirt Webster, the CEO of the powerful Nashville-based “Webster Public Relations” did terrible, terrible things to me. He sexually assaulted me repeatedly, he drugged and sexually violated me, he offered me publicity opportunities and magazine columns in exchange for sexual acts. He paid me to keep my mouth shut. And he did everything under threat that he’d make sure nobody in the industry ever heard my name again. It took me a year to escape from him and get away to where he couldn’t find me or reach me any longer — although he still continued to harass me via phone and text messages for years — up until this year, even.

I know this is perhaps an awkward statement for you to read because I don’t feel like a whole human being when I remember some of the explicit events. But, I need people to truly know what actually happened to me down there, during that time.

Most importantly, is that I want to help in any way I can to ensure that no future victim of Kirt’s, or of any other monster’s, has to go through the year of torment that I did. I want to be a protector, of sorts. I want others who were victimized before me to feel safe and secure in telling their own stories and in receiving the support they need and deserve.

I am likely going to find myself in a civil court battle. What Kirt Webster is, is Nashville’s worst-kept predatory secret. I cannot do this alone, and I would be so very grateful to anyone who can spare some change or a few dollars to support both my legal battle to come, as well as the #MeToo campaign in honor of victims everywhere.

I don’t know how soon any of this is going to come to fruition, but I have a sense that it is is going to be soon. I’ve been contacted by more national and local media than I can count on one hand, and I have no plans of backing off until Kirt Webster and his accomplices are brought to face their crimes.

Your support means the world. Please share and pass along the battle that is likely to come, and I will be sure to keep everyone updated regarding any media coverage and wherever those interested can read about our progress against these monsters.

Yours truly,

Austin Cody Rick

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  1. DoItRightJanuary 29, 2019 at 8:36 AM

    Ok……………….. He looks like a Thumb or possibly a Weiner or SAUSAGE with a face on it sticking out of a shirt and jacket…

  2. TheUltraworldNovember 9, 2017 at 4:48 AM

    This guy has a go fund me page to pursue this animal Nashville Publicist. I believe him.

  3. jack.hahnNovember 8, 2017 at 3:48 PM

    OP: “…He paid me to keep my mouth shut…”. In the eyes of a civil court judge, that will be considered to have been an out of court settlement. The public shaming is long overdue, but you shouldn’t start spending the additional money that you’re not going to get. I’m not unsympathetic to your ordeal, but you DID place a cash value on your dignity. Your own words convict you of that.

  4. LotusXTCNovember 8, 2017 at 2:38 PM

    He sure looks like he’s hidden a ton of nuts in his neck. HAHAHAH! kidding aside. I started seeing someone who told me recently he had been raped as a child. He attends parole hearings to deter this mans freedom. He told right away and his rapist has been in prison for decades. He’s done his counselling and has a pretty upbeat look on the world. My point in sharing this is that you dont have to let the past darken your future. You go on living.. do what you gotta do and every now and then attend a parole hearing to keep your rapist in prison. What u should have done was get a rape kit done.. get your blood tested right away for drugs. Starting a gofundme page just seems like a scam to me. I wish you well on your Journey Austin Cody

    • jack.hahnNovember 9, 2017 at 2:52 AM

      “He sure looks like he’s hidden a ton of nuts in his neck. HAHAHAH!’ – three HA! worthy.

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