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  1. JokerJanuary 31, 2019 at 3:17 PM

    What a crock of crap. Come on Michael, we all know its you…grow a set and come out from behind the computer. You should read the legal page, identification of the poster will be exposed if a subpoena is issued. We are working on this as I type, so just grow up, take this malicious stuff down, and lets move on with our lives. Amy has moved on, actually remarried and starting over- I suggest you do the same.

  2. Jefferson Parish DOCJanuary 31, 2019 at 12:18 PM

    Another Friend-
    Come out from behind your computer…you are a coward. Ashton only has a relationship with you because, you buy his loyalty. You try to make this post look like its Vito…we all know it is actually you Michael Valentine Audibert.
    If you are such a good catch…go fetch- leave this woman alone. Your poor ex-wife Lisa went through the same scenario, its your signature, a true stalker.
    You entered a plea bargain to keep from going to jail, you spent thousands of dollars trying to destroy her…she may be bruised, but she’s not broken. Just so happens she is reunited with the love of her life and they remarried in Vegas.

    Its over …grow up you are pathetic!

  3. anotherfriendofhimJanuary 26, 2019 at 2:12 AM

    -couldnt help but notice these postings and comments from “her” Amy H. Crifasi and “him” the good giving innocent man she was worshipped and adored by-I knew them both very well- you can say I had much to do with meeting- I can say behind a doubt, he is a victim of that “her” we all thought we knew-as he has said, and so her own sister, she is a stupid self destructive person- she HAD life made with “our good friend”- now it seems her life only got worse, as deservingly so- her oldest son, remains friends with him, and has zero to do with her- he socializes at “their former haunt’s” Christmas parties with her own sister and brother -in-law- both her other son’s, in part from her enabling are in, or soon to be, state prison-and she flees LA as in past apparently, to embarrassed, as she should be, to face all those who knew them both. and the truth. SO HAPPY THOUGH FOR HIM-BEAUTIFUL YOUNG FINANCE WHO ADORES HIM AND HAS LIFE MADE WITH HIM-HE WITH WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL SUCCESSFUL CHILDREN. A NEW HOME.MULTI PENSION.A NEW CAREER- HER THE LOSER..HOW SAD,,,

    • UnbreakableJanuary 31, 2019 at 12:41 PM

      Hi Anotherfriend-
      You had much to do with the meeting…no this is the one and only Michael V Audibert, convicted in the Jefferson Parish Court system for Internet Stalking. I guess the anger management classes aren’t helping much- you need to be institutionalized.
      Yes, the oldest is still in contact with the good kind man, only because he gives them money & gifts for their loyalty. As far as you hanging out with the sister, she wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.
      You may have a triple pension, a new house HOWEVER you don’t have her and NEVER will-Matter of fact she has reunited with the love of her life and they remarried in Las Vegas right after your plea bargain.
      You really need to stop this now. Grow up, you put your ex-wife Lisa through this same terror-go marry your beautiful fiancé- when she finds out how crazy you are then you can focus on ruining her life as well.
      PS- go was your greasy hair

  4. MeNovember 13, 2018 at 12:36 PM

    I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me.including my family,friends. And the sweet man in the picture who was very good to me.the verdict. GUILTY FOR THE CREEP WHO WROTE ALL THESE HORRIBLE THINGS.

    • Witness Of TruthNovember 18, 2018 at 2:27 AM

      I, who knows the “me” Amy H. Crifasi, and who all honest and good people knowledgeable of her and him, who obviously she is referring to, though “the referred to”, and “she” damn well knows who, just like she knows the truth of all, though matters now to “him” the true “sweet good man” and her maybe, most “recent victim” , despite what “her” and some “other naive, delusional & deniers” have posted, even stupidly blaming him for postings, for which we know he was naive to trust “her” even after she desperately & pathetically once before falsely accuse him, just as now, to obstruct his discovery of her true sick self & fraudulent using of him, and as she damn well knows, after he supposively was such a “creep” she was spending weekends with him weeks later, and only reason she didnt after her second repeat is because he wised up, and we made sure he wasnt, because of his good heart, not suckered again…..with this just him simply just more of the despicable, sick, vicious, hateful, negligent, reckless, revengeful, fabricated, distorted & absurd false attacks, on my family member, as just further deranged sinister evil to the brutal assault, creating so much misery on him & all his family & friends, with those who know them both, even her own son, some family & mutual acquintance who know them both, Neither he nor us care whether “she” or “her supporters” think, as they are worthless drags on society, and he is loved by his successful children, and all the mutual acquintances of he and her. She knows it, as she does through her pathetic destructive life, flees far away, as she knows she dares not frequent the same area & see the same people…but he can and does, as they know the truth, and she does to. And far that “sweet man”, in our quest to support our family member, and discover the truth, “she” , unknown to that man, or “her victim she attacks here”, she was misrepresenting herself to both at the same time as to be in a relationship, and as her mentally ill type do, jump right into an immediate relationship while simply abandoning the other…and as we discovered, just six months later, abandoned him..she knows damn well thats the truth…but ask her for his name and visit his facebook…theres the six months later posting..”that I was in a relationship, and one day she didnt take her medication, and was gone”…as far as Amy H. Crifasi still desperately trying to convince all she confirmed all with so called “guilty”…maybe she should read the results..as she very well knows, he hadnt even had any “decision” in her “despicable attempt to destroy our love one who, as she so well knows, though possesses no guilt, shame or conscience, to admit, and hatefully pursued”, for well over two years, and only at our urging and insistance, finally agreed to some negociating, as he completely wasted close to five years of his life on “her”…and look it up yourself, we did, he stated under a special provision , “Innocent”, and simply toke a ” program” far , far less than what he, and our family, including as she and her “even more sinister and apparent puppet master” know, what they did to one of ours, suffered from “her: reign of terror, which is as lenient as there is, and for us all, so so worth never having to think of, see, hear, discuss, cross “me” again, and thank God she did flee. Not that it matters none, b it as we knew some and since discovered, but “she” knows, her good son who by the way, supports “him” to this day, and has been formally ok’d to continue so, and that son has nothing to do with “her” since knows the truth, nor as she knows, her siblings, and “she” conveniently leaves that out….undoubtedly tells the truth, as if “her” evil lies were true, it wouldnt be normal for so much of “her” own family to be estrained and her own son support ‘him” . Wonder who “her supporters” are. We all can tell you ones who never meet “him”, nor been around them, like we have, thats who. Those she contempuously munipulates and makes fools of. O, and for “her” or hers who have, and will, as she predictably will do, “he” , though innocently naive to give “her” the benefit-of-the-doubt and at great risk, as was the case, since, is not stupid enough to fall into “her” trap again, and give “her” her another opportunity to pounce on to attempt to destroy “him”. But I and others, have no restraints to responding to these now public attacks brought to our attention. And for “her” , I’ll just say you met me a few times, as I invited you. So do as you do, though I am not going to be sucked in saying who, so you can falsely insult my character too, but if it comes to that I “ll proudly stand up for the truth. How bout you? We all know that answer already..right?

  5. Amy E. Howard CrifasiNovember 24, 2017 at 7:49 PM

    I met this crazy woman in 2012…she was 20 years younger than me & married…and was all over me…she seemed strange, but I went for it…only to have her days later act like she didn’t know me…guess old man in photo had same bad experience & posted her

  6. BeMyValentineNOTNovember 14, 2017 at 5:04 PM

    Come out from behind your computer… you’re a COWARD.

    • truthcrusadersAugust 25, 2018 at 9:37 PM

      I am another good naive man who unfortunately came across the path of this despicable excuse for a woman, Amy E. Howard Crifasi, or whatever of the countless married names, alias she has gone by over her sad life to hide her wave of destruction to people’s lives, including vicious & malicious evil false allegations & legal munipulations of the system to obstruct the discovery of her evil & destroy the lives of the innocent men who discovered her frauds and, or who leave her after enough abuse by her & her sucking the life out of them…AND FOR THE ” BeMyValentineNot” hippocrit, surrogate, naive, self serving , dispicable , phoney, wacko, nut job..WHO OBVIOUSLY IS CRIFASI, her “INFERIORITY COMPLEX MASTER”…NONE OF US ‘COMMENTORS’ ARE COWARDS…WE’RE JUST VICTIMS OF CRIFASI, WHO HALF SUFFERED ENOUGH, & WHO KNOW THAT IS A PLOW TO “INCITE & IDENTIFY” US TO ATTEMPT TO CAST MORE HATE, EVIL, & THEIR OWN SELF MISERY ONTO US……………..NO, NOT COWARDS…YOU ARE THE COWARD…WE”RE JUST EXPRESSING THE TRUTH.

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