Beware of GoFundMe Scammer Susan Sparks

Beware of GoFundMe Scammer Susan Sparks

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Susan Sparks and her bi-sexual lovers William and Michael are con-artists who travel from Stillwater to Moore lying about their special needs child and scamming innocent people along the way. She set up a GoFundMe claiming she been robbed; but then, suddenly, the page was taken down when a few local residents found out it was not true.

In April she opened a consigment shop called Knot New in Moore, Oklahoma. She only advertised in garage sale pages since her boyfriend and her can never pay their bills and online you can see they were just evicted from their trailor home they rented in August. Sadly, no man she sleeps with can afford to keep their trailor and her children are special needs, so she lies and says the money she earns from GoFundMe pages helps them.

Continue Reading– I heard the producers of Catfish on MTV are pitching a new show based on GoFundMe scams. I can’t wait to watch it.- nik

She is a major scammer and they are a racist family who claims hispanics are nothing and they had a swastika hanging in their black Tahoe. I hope they do not get away stealing more items and money. They never paid many victims who brought in items to the consignment shop she was evicted from. Beware!

Last year, once she had DRDs, she had the nerve to tell the married man she was sleeping with that she did not know; that is why she did not tell her. She claimed she was pregnant when he ended things after she came to his job (he’s a GM at a restaurant) and cried that she can not live without him. Complete whacko who is strung out on drugs and cannot leave the meth alone. Her boyfriend carries a white fanny pack with a stun gun since he was a warrant and is already often in trouble for theft and stealing. Watch out!

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  1. ZackSeptember 12, 2017 at 9:47 PM

    This cow scammed a lot of people in Oklahoma City metro area. She will sleep with anyone for money and she is nothing but a racist junkie. It is sad that these losers are parents; what horrible examples they are. They are nothing but thieves. They ran a store for a few short months because no one she sleeps with pays her enough to pay the rent. She is a complete con artist, liar and thief. She deserves to be in jail for all of the money she owes people in Oklahoma alone. They are always on the run because what they do is tell people they do consignment on items. When you need to be paid; they vanish. Their store closed because they did not pay rent but they will suddenly vanish with no payments, items or anything at all. Some people gave her very sentimental items that they were only selling via consigment because they needed the money of course. There are local honest consignment stores in the area and all over but this lady should not be trusted. She has hurt so many people. Besides the money and items she steals;her partner and her are always doing other odd scams.

  2. jack.hahnSeptember 12, 2017 at 4:23 PM

    It’s sad, but understandable that, in this ‘love triangle’ described, William and Michael would rather bang each other, than do it with Susan. That’s really common. Easily 15% of the male population would rather bang another dude, than do it with a fat chick, and probably at least 50% of the rest would rather rub one out than bang a fat chick, including the guys who are married to one. A huge difference between men and women is that most p4p women will bang a fat man for money, but most non-p4p men wouldn’t bang a fat chick even for money, unless they are under the influence of alcohol.

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