Daniel Noble — This Is The Man Who Raped Me.

Daniel Noble — This Is The Man Who Raped Me.

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the face of a monster. He has raped me and multiple other women and keep getting away from it. I reported my rape and he ran from the cops. He has lived in OKC, Piedmont and I can even tell you he has a very small penis; describe the house,his room mate (begins with a D but he did not harm or hurt me so I will not put his whole name) at the time and more. This is not a false claim at all. I am not the only victim. This monster deserves to be in prison. He also raped another woman in 2012,2010 and he pretends to be a normal guy at first. He will beat you if you try to say no or get away. I have multiple other women who can also share their stories. Women;please watch out for Daniel Noble in OKC. He hides his true self by having a girlfriend and telling people the women are just in love with him. This never leaves my mind what he did to me that night. I also did tell cops and Daniel fled the scene by then but I will not give up fighting for other women because he has other victims as well. This is not okay. I am a mother, friend,daughter and no woman deserves rape. He also told one victim very horrifying things like he would harm her family or her daughter if she spoke up. This is not right and I am speaking up. If you say no to him; he will hurt you by physically assaulting you. He shoved another girl hard on the ground once she would not sleep with him at a party. These victims will not be silenced. Please watch out ladies. He is small and not too tall; but he is a rapist and abuser. I would never lie on a person about this; I will always stand up for what is right. This man is a monster. I now have PTSD from this and it haunts my life as well as others. I never told my parents because they would hurt this man if they knew what he did to me and I do not want them in prison.


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  1. TerryJune 2, 2019 at 9:09 PM

    Everyone knows this man is a rapist. He’s white so he gets away with it

  2. KevinApril 14, 2019 at 3:23 PM

    Sadly this guy gets away with rape and assault quite often. He has a very small penis according to one of his victims but he threatens to harm people if they speak out. His poor gf has no clue how much he lies and cheats but he’s a narcissist so those types of people have no guilt or conscience. Karma works in crazy ways though so this guy will get his karma and it’ll be ten times worse than how his victims suffered. Men like this are trash and give good men a bad name. He’s tiny so has little man syndrome. Mix that with a small d1ck and you’re screwed usually.

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