Mitzi Ruiz The Trouble Maker From Port Orange, Florida

Mitzi Ruiz The Trouble Maker From Port Orange, Florida

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this female Mitzi Ruiz loves sleeping with taken men. Her 1st victim was a guy she grew knowing named Jason, he never liked her but she was infatuated with him. He went on vacation to Florida, she got in contact with his cousin so she can meet up with them. They went to a club had many drinks and she threw herself at him and kissed him after that the two we intoxicated. She then threw herself again to have sex with him. After that night he came back to New York not wanting to know about her anymore in that sense of sexual relations cause he had a girlfriend back home.

The girlfriend found out and they had drama for several months but moved on. A few years later Jason and his girlfriend got prego and Mitzi the psycho was spying on Jason’s girlfriend’s page, stole her sonogram to pin a pregnancy on another man who was married and she had also slept with him after a Club which he as well was intoxicated and wanted nothing to do with her.

She also became crazy calling his home at all hours and telling his wife she made love to him and was carrying his child which was a lie cause she stole the sonogram picture of the 1st victim she slept with to cause drama in the 2nd victims life. Mitzi looks for trouble but acts like a saint by going to church she became a born again Christian as a cover up for her dirty sins in life. Mitzi likes to cause problems and blame the victims wife’s as they cause her many problems when in fact is her. Mind you she was engaged with another man while lying to him the whole time.

Sounds like Mitzi will never find true love because she has NO idea who she is.- nik

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  1. WonderwomanNovember 21, 2017 at 1:26 PM

    Only reason they come on here is because they KNOW how much I dislike them