Joy Turquoise Reed Is a Jealous Skank

Joy Turquoise Reed Is a Jealous Skank

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This dirty ho Joy Turquoise Reed works at a bar in Philly with the worst attitude be caused she thinks everyone is after her ugly hipster boyfriend. She is so mean spirited and insecure that she likes to bully any woman who makes her feel intimidated, which isn’t hard cause, just look at her. Joy is so self-loathing because hates the fact that she’s half black. She’s incredibly jealous and it’s pathetic how hard she goes around trying to be a white. Take as many trips to Joshua Tree and Coachella as your heart desires but everyone back home knows you’re a stupid clown with a jealous streak.

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  1. NunyaDecember 19, 2018 at 2:45 PM

    So u brought race into this?? idk her idk u but honestly her race has nothing to do with this ur probably just some racist a55 bitch and there is no such thing a55 acting white

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