Beware of Richard Davis Jr.

Beware of Richard Davis Jr.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, beware of Richard Davis Jr. He will tell you exactly what you want to hear just to get you hooked. Then, he will take you for your money. He tries to go mainly after women with kids. He has tricked a woman into putting him on her dying will only after a few months of knowing her. He will switch the script on once he’s caught in his web of lies. He has numerous baby mamas and has hid 3 of his children. Then makes the women look as if they’re the cause of all his problems. He plays the victim to his own games. He’s all over dating site so I’m sure hes looking for more prey. He’s having really bad financial issue and is looking for someone who will fall pitty to his bullsh*t.

He already has a few small claim cases against him for the money he has borrowed from ppl and promised to pay back and never has. He will swear he loves you and wants to be with you, promise you this amazing life that he can’t even offer himself. Common excuses for him: gotta work late, reffing sports, seeing his son, he doesn’t feel well, he fell asleep, his phone died.. you know the common f**k boy excuses.. then he will turn on the water works for u, say he will change he’s sorry he lied, he won’t do it again, how u deserve so much better and he’s not good enough for u, he doesnt know why he lied, he will never do it again, hit you with those “good morning beautiful” I’m miss u, I need you, I wish u were here, my life will never be the same with out you, can’t wait to make u my wife texts.. dude doesn’t use protection and has had partners in the triple digits, so be very careful of this guy.. he’ll promise u the world, introduce u to his family by phone since his parents live out of state, and promise to take u to meet them.. he’s filled with broken promises and will never change.. if a man can hide his own flesh in blood just so he can get some pu**y, he’s the type of man u need to stay away from cause he will drain you emotionally, physically, mentally and financially.

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  1. Surviving NarcissisimDecember 4, 2018 at 9:38 AM

    Look up Somatic Narcissist. YouTube is loaded with videos explaining these types, their symptoms and behaviors. Coaches and support groups are available to help real people recover from these VERY, VERY TOXIC TYPES! I’m not even sure they are human when at the severe end of the spectrum. If you meet someone who wants to swoop in, charm and bed you rather quickly, can not show empathy as you relate any tender story to them – RUN!!!!! They can not and will not ever change. Save yourself.

  2. DerpNovember 24, 2018 at 12:04 PM

    Hey does this guy go by Sandy? Like a nickname ?