Imani Shabazz mani baby yuck

Imani Shabazz mani baby yuck

THE DIRTY ARMY: Imani Shabazz is the most disgusting girl in Desert Hot Springs. She will sleep with anyone that throws money and drugs at her. She puts on make-up 3 shades lighter than her actual skin color then calls herself a cosmetologist! This cake face spends her days in the back seat of random cars ducking off others peoples boyfriends. And not to mention her boyfriend Tyler has no clue what she does as she’s a liar. Her bad breathe and yeast infected body is disgusting. She will try to steal your man and all his cash. This hoe bag texts my boyfriend with nudes and doesn’t have any shame in her. She has two daughters she doesnt even take care of. Her oldest daughter Mariah is already confused by all the different men around. She is disgusting and everyone needs to know about her. People like this shouldnt even have children .

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  1. KilljillOctober 31, 2018 at 1:03 PM

    I find it hard to believe someone this ugly could pull other womans men