Infecting women with STDs

Infecting women with STDs

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Andres Sanchez aka Dre is a 21 year old loser who does nothing but Pepsi and smokes weed on a daily basis. He lives with a roommate. His bed is literally in the living room, f**king loser. He works at Jackson’s Car Wash on Bell.

Anyways, me and Dre were seeing each other for a bit. This guy has major issues in the head- when he’s mad, he’s mad. Anyways, we slept together and he gave me 2 DRDs. When I went to confront him about it, he admitted to sleeping with a female that had it, but he wouldn’t tell me which female it was. Anyways I asked him are you knowingly infecting other women as well- he said yes. I said why won’t you tell them? His response is they will think they got it from some other guy.

He’s a down right coldhearted, cheating, dirty nasty ass bastard who goes around sleeping with anything that walks. Oh yeah- and the rumor is he getting multiple females pregnant too.

Andres’ text message is a lie. You can’t just go to a hotel and cuddle… what’s the point?- nik

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