Meghan Gier — Money Hungry,Junkie,Meghan! ??

Meghan Gier — Money Hungry,Junkie,Meghan! ??

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let’s talk about this nasty broad. Her names Meghan Gier. This girl is a trip,that’s for sure. A trip to the hospital,to detox,to rehab,then all over again. She has a son,which I’m sure she’ll lose custody over soon,that she doesn’t watch at all. She would rather have fun with her black tar. Heroin that is. That’s the only thing in this life that excites her! Drugs. What hasn’t she done for drugs? She’s escorted herself, she’s been to jail, she’s cheated, she’s disregarded her son, she’s done it all. The girl doesn’t care one bit about anyone but herself. If you’re thinking of getting with this nasty piece of trash,be prepared to get comfortable with a few friends; Detox Counselors, DRDs, and plenty of drug-induced mood swings. I pray that none of you have to come across this so called “woman”. If you do,you’re in for one hell of a ride. #NastyMeghan

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  1. SwagSurfinnJanuary 11, 2019 at 6:43 PM

    Ayyye. Whoever made this point is on point. This bitch is nasty af. I think she strips now. Haha