Nick Higgins – Typical Mesa trash

Nick Higgins – Typical Mesa trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: This loser on the right is Nick Higgins . He’s a thief and liar. He recently gave my friend an drd and while they kicked it at my house, I politely played host while he stole money right out of my purse and later bragged about doing it! He used to work for a casino in Scottsdale and stole hundreds of thousands from, them, I should’ve known he would do the same to me. He also stole some nose candy and cash from my friend as well then when they broke up he took her jewelry to a pawn shop and sold it all, sentimental stuff. He is such a loser and should be stopped. Creepy weirdo.

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  1. ZenithNovember 7, 2018 at 4:27 PM

    Omg I think I know this guy!!! If he has a crotch rocket then it is def the same guy who tried to run game on me. This guy is lame as it gets in the sheets he lasts about 2 seconds…afterwards I felt such regret but the blame is on me for letting him hit it in the first place so lesson learned…

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