Zach Liddle — Sexaddict With No Game

Zach Liddle — Sexaddict With No Game

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy has been claiming all over tinder that he hasn’t had sex since he and his girl separated in April but yet he is paying for prostitutes every other weekend. If you dont send him a titty pic or tell him how horny you are he gets aggressive and shuts you down and trys to move on to another. He is a pathlogical liar who cheated constantly on his live in girlfriend. Be careful ladies!

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  1. GilbertNovember 25, 2018 at 12:27 PM

    This guy looks like an idiot. Belt with suspenders? No one told him how stupid he looked? How in the world can he get girls after girls looking like that? Probably gets the dirtiest girls. Any man that uses floozys is a low life and his ex is better off.

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