Brooklyn Worley – Worst mother of the year goes to…

Brooklyn Worley – Worst mother of the year goes to…

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to begin? Dragging her kids from meth house to meth house while shooting “buttrockets” (whatever that is) and leaving the kids to hang with p4ps as she fulfills her own selfish addiction… assaulting multiple people including a female friend to where she knocked out the girl’s tooth and still managed to avoid a charge/DUI to punching a 65+ year old lady in the mouth for telling Brooklyn “dont let the door hit you in the a55” as she was kicked out of a bar for creating a scene… DIRTY! Ex p4p and stripper that has already lost her children once before to same behaviors and had to relocate to Oregon cause of the heat she had… she prays on men like a locust and will use you for all you have, then leave you dry with nothing, then on to her next victim after resources have run out.

A rat (snitch), a thief, a liar and a slore that will endanger her own children for her own sick desires. Fellas, avoid this one at all costs. She is the definition of a narcissist, a sociopath and is a living and breathing succubus that is not only a home wrecker, but a repeat criminal who seems to get out of every situation through the skin of her… well… probably her mouth. I’d rather lick a toilet seat than come anywhere near this broad again

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  1. Buck NakedNovember 23, 2018 at 11:12 PM

    I’d hit it then toss it to the boys on the street.

  2. Tramp StomperAugust 30, 2018 at 7:27 AM

    This female is the worst of the worst. I unfortunately had the chance of sleeping with this girl as well, from her stretched out flat bags to her demolished lady parts, you can see she was a prostitute for longer than she leads on to be. She will tell you her life story like it’s no thang, then suck you in to her mentally unstable lifestyle that will leave you wishing you had spoke with this user. She is broken beyond broken. Wreckless, devious and very dangerous. Avoid Brooklyn like the plague she is.

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