Lori J. Bumgardner — Biggest Poo-et and Slore of Eugene, Oregon

Lori J. Bumgardner — Biggest Poo-et and Slore of Eugene, Oregon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik: You can find this three-time divorced dirty old canary at the Hi-Fi Music Hall any given night getting her senior citizen discounts on drinks or drinking cheap wine from the box. This old hoe wanna-be groupie is into group orgies and will let any young dude take turns shoving their hand up her skirt and finger her and everything else! She`ll even let you take a picture or even a video! But please don’t, your fingers will stink, like mine did. Even worse, you will end up with a drd warts or even worse! This bimbo has been around the block many times and as you can see, she has been rode hard and put away wet. She is a drunk and a filthy pig that tries to portray a lifestyle (on Instagram, Facebook and other sites, links below) that she really cannot afford. She’s a delusional compulsive liar, homewrecker, and stalker that forever harasses people online, creating lies. She claims to be a writer of poetry, but is actually an oxymoron that makes absolutely no sense. It is blog/journal crap she claims is poetry, but this floozy wouldn’t know the difference. I wouldn’t hire this dumb doorknob to write the alphabet for me. “The Goddess” as she calls herself, is the definition of a narcissist. She cries for so much attention online and cannot keep her mouth shut or her legs closed, anywhere. I am surprised that those twigs she calls ‘legs’ can hold up her big conceited head and beak. She is the fakest person you will ever meet yet she claims to be a person of ‘love and truth.’ She is absolutely “whorible” and needs to stop chasing boys that are half her age and out of her league. She knows how to make people, especially men, run for the hills. So, when you see this gangly old bird with the big beak coming, run my friends, just run!! Justlpoetry.com, lori_bum @instragram and facefook – Lori J. Bumgardner


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  1. Oraluvr57February 12, 2019 at 8:30 AM

    I think this gal took care of my buddies and me one night out in Wilsonville. Pretty sure it’s her.

    • Sex, Lies and The DirtyMarch 12, 2019 at 10:54 PM

      I am quite confident that is not the case. Sad you don’t even know!

      Lori lives in Mexico. This post was made by a baby mama cartel-connected b1tch who learned her man was cheating with this woman for two years. As soon as Lori found out the truth, she broke it off with him. Lori refuses to pay the dirty $2500 to have the post removed because it only perpetuates this crap all the while these sites hide behind user-initiated content, and make millions.

      All of the “facts” herein are derived from her social media public check ins. This woman is amazing , works tirelessly for those less fortunate, and doesn’t “take care” of anyone but herself.

      Nik is the scum of the earth allowing bullies to ruin amazing humans’ lives. So much for the much ado about nothing news of Nik’s about face and cleaning up The Dirty.