Britney Nicole Jackson of Reno

Britney Nicole Jackson of Reno

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Britney Nicole Jackson. One crazy b*tch. She will lead you on and make you think you’re the only one while the whole time chasing Greg. She will get close to your kids just to leave and make them feel like it’s there fault she works and micas beauty in the mall and is very easy to getting to lure you in, but once she has you, she will destory every kind feeling you have to offer. She will make you feel happy and loved and hours later tell you your nothing and move on to the next man and then say sorry later, then do it all over again. She is a horrible person she will suck the I outta you, being so needy, but claim she is an independent woman. Don’t let her beauty fool you. She is a conniving, back stabbing floozy that will do anything for a man to get what she wants outta them. She will drain your bank accounts, but before she does, will make you think you can trust her

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  1. JasonJune 12, 2018 at 12:53 PM

    Felon. Spent almost 2 years in the state pen for grand larceny and theft of a gun. Strung out heroin addict, dealer, floozy, thief. Arrested four or five times in Reno and once in Colorado. Needs life in prison. Skank.

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