Heroin Floozy — Britney Nicole Jackson

Heroin Floozy — Britney Nicole Jackson

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty girl has been on heroin on and off. Still continues to use it I’m sure. She can’t even keep a hold of her kids. Her mama’s got her baby. I know for a fact that she’s been going around spreading DRD to people because she can’t keep her p*ssy closed. I also heard she might be on her way to getting some DRD with the guy she’s recently been hanging around. Anytime I’ve seen her out in town she’s been trying to get up on some other guys d1ck. Like how she bout to keep them straight at this point. Knows nothing but the slore life. She tried to get with me multiple times but I don’t want no DRD

–I like that the shirt and chest tattoo match


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