Colleen Bologna — The Cheating And Abusive

Colleen Bologna — The Cheating And Abusive

THE DIRTY ARMY: Asks what’s the gossip but here’s some facts… Despite her long criminal records of domestic and alcoholic behavior she will be the best actress you will ever meet and seduce you the best way she can. Truth be told shes not bad at it but she can’t keep it just with you, she shares that love/sex life with others while youre dating her. I wish it was only I she’s done this too but I have contacted her exs before me and the shocks I’ve heard and seen are disgusting. She has cheated with every single one of them and resulted in her getting the cops called on her in every relationship including when I dated her. Now as far as her domestic problems that she has been arrested for a few times and even lost her child to from. I warn you now my friend, if you do attempt to try a relationship with Colleen after what I’ve said don’t try to catch her in something because she has and will hit you with anything she has around her including knifes or result to her personal favorite her fists, but not to worry those don’t hurt. Not to mention even if you have been her ex for years and she feels screwed or sees you happy she will wreck your sh1t so keep your property locked up for she will break into your sh1t and take what she wants. Lucky for you she already has a record for these things and trys not to getting trouble and she barely has a vehicle most the time but if she’s pissed enough she’ll drop off her kid somewhere and find a way to ruin anything you like or love. Side note if you have kids… God help you! As much as I have grown to love her kid she isn’t the best mother around her and doesn’t treat others kids with love as one should. If you are with her and says what every guy that dates her says,”I love her and it can get better again” don’t let her fuked up in anyway!

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  1. SmokenrollNovember 6, 2018 at 4:30 PM

    Oooooh sh1t! I know this chick. A old “friend” was banging her. She cheated on him too and hit on me while with him lmao. I remember she went to his pad and punched and kicked him for leaving her. What a psycho lmao

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