Matthew James Titzel — Sociopath, floozy, Animal Abuser ad Killer

Matthew James Titzel — Sociopath, floozy, Animal Abuser ad Killer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this charming young man is one of the worst humans I have ever come across in my life and he is a danger and people need to be warned. He is 22 year old Matt Titzel of Reno, NV. He’s been a gay floozy for many years. Selling himself to the oldest, fattest, ugliest men he can find by offering “nude massages” on Grindr, Rentmen, etc. He’s a chronic, pathological liar and of course an 8 year meth addict without a care in the world. Every word he breathes, writes, texts or burps is full of deceit. He is a sociopath with no ability to feel empathy or remorse. He’s a spineless narcissist, addicted to sex, bloated stomachs and obessed with bowel tones. He’s deeply psychologically troubled. He has an amazing ability to fake emotions, he can cry, sob and put on the most elaborate show of remorse but it’s entirely fake. He’s not bright and if you pay close attention you can see past his lies and excuses. He harbors a deep sickness for torturing animals especially small helpless ones like little dogs and birds. He secretly enjoys torturing them, even killing them. He beat my 6 year old Chihuahua to death in June of 2018, then covered it up and said it was a natural death. He continued to live with me and pretend he loved me so he could have access to my other dog. and secretly tortured and abused that little puppy until he got sloppy. After a month of spyware on his phone I confirmed that he was definetly a pathological liar, a sex addict. and no matter what I said; he could not tell the truth and could not take responsibility for anything. Finally, I placed a hidden camera in my house and even told him I did but his arrogance got the best of him. Within a week I caught 90 minutes of the most disturbing animal abuse ever witnessed. He waterboarded by dog in the shower by wrapping the leash around her throat and suspending her, he choaked, suffocated and strangled her over and over, beat her, punched her in the head multiple times untill she defecated all over the floor, then rubbed her and beat her into the poop over and over. He beat her with wet towels, wrapped her in them and slammed her against cabinet doors, strangled her with her own leash, yanking and jerking her by the throat and slamming her against walls. When confronted with the video he tried to say she pooped on the floor and that he lost his mind, blacked out and tortured her without any control. Yet the video clearly shows him preparing to torture her even before I left, and then cleaning up the mess before I got home. I confronted him on camera, he showed no remorse, even confessed to killing the puppies mother a month befoe. Several days later he tried to claim he was possed by a demon. All The video proof is on my google cloud drive and anyone with the following link can see it: Everyone needs to be aware of this guy, charges have been filed but he Is cleaver, cunning and plays dumb and innocent well. He’s patient and will wait to strike when you least expect. He’s a low life, blood sucking parasite and a monster. He has everyone convinced that it was some meth induced psychosis that all he needs to do is get sober and that will fix him… Anyone who’s ever met a real sociopath knows they are the most frightening people. I dare you to watch the video.

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  1. AnonymousSeptember 26, 2018 at 10:38 AM

    Did you report his crimes against the animals? I sure hope so.